Yolo Ru And Duke Deuce’s “Got It On Me” FT Koon Ru Is A Must Watch

North Carolina-based Hip-Hop artist Yolo Ru just dropped his new track and visuals, “Got It On Me” featuring his brother Koon Ru. From the very first bars, this track produced by Ru Gang Records sets the vibe, an explosion of raw power resulting in one of the hottest bangers we’ve come across in recent months. The official music video has 500k views on YT.  

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Yolo Ru is an artist and former athlete. With his family, they relocated to the US when he was a teenager. He started playing basketball and football and was offered a scholarship to attend first division colleges but his sports dreams came to a sudden halt after he started getting into troubles. 

It was shortly after that both brothers began to build a home studio at their mother’s house to start sharing their stories on beats and began building their joint catalog of music.

They have rocked stages in many states; in New York, Florida, Atlanta, California, and their hometown, Trinidad and Tobago. Yolo Ru’s most recent solo single “Chasing a Bag” counts 200,000 streams on Spotify. He has collaborated with artists including Duke Deuce, Toosie, Idontknojeffery, and DJ Swamp Izzo. 

“Got It On Me” is their latest major number that further strengthens this promising Hip-Hop crew’s presence in the game, delivering a sound full of swag and raw power.

Viva Mescal – “Ballad Of El Huero” (Album Review)

Viva Mescal is an underground titan from Los Angles. Recently he just released a brand new album titled “Ballad Of El Huero”. With a score entirely crafted by super producer Nug Life, can this scorching hot MC create his best work to date?

With complex and thoughtful songwriting and a presence like no other, Viva Mescal proves he’s here to stay in this rap game. As a rapper, he’s so gifted, and the way he’s able to keep his flow so gritty while rapping about very thoughtful topics is a skill, not many possess. Viva raps about his struggles; he questions the world, and adding all of these dynamics to his verses makes him a relatable character that listeners only want to hear more of. Out of all his struggles, a theme heavily addressed comes from Mescal’s struggle to blend in with a group. They say “he’s not Mexican,” yet he’s also not “American enough”. Having this struggle to find his place in the world adds even more depth to the LA rapper and truly makes you feel for him and question your morals. While many rappers have struggles and attempt to rap about them, Viva Mescal is so good because, on top of having relatable issues to the average person, he’s able to turn them into well-layered and properly addressed messages for thousands to unravel and empower themselves with.  

Behind the boards, NugLife creates one of the most dynamic and well-arranged scores I’ve heard in a while. A vibrant, jazzy feel, distorted samples, and a lot of soul equate this record with a very distinct feel. The way these amazing scores layer the background of Viva’s passionate vocals are the best part. Whether it’s creating an odd contrast or adding to his pain, each track does a masterful job in its execution. Overall the vibrancy and light in this soundtrack is truly moving and redefines what beauty in hip hop really is. 

Walking away from “Ballad Of El Huero,” and I’m honestly blown away by how good this record was. Covering themes such as exclusion and misplacement while making the experience so relatable through some of the most profound writing I’ve heard all year, this is really a gem to take in. Going forward, I’m sure Viva Mescal will only get better, and at this rate, he can become a real legend!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Relatability, Complex writing, great production

Get Your Good Vibes Going With Midnight Mights’ New Album ‘Smile For The Cam’

The Toronto-based artist Andrew Mighton a.k.a Midnight Mights is primarily recognized for his constant drive to extract sounds from various genres and make his own. With a mixture of hip-hop, R&B and house, Midnight Mights brings forth effortless and suave synths paired with addictive hooks. His first mixtape or album was met with praise from a large audience base and fans. Which drove Andrew to create yet another all-time hit for his listeners—”Smile For The Cam”—not to mention several popularly streamed singles along the way.

Kicking off with an eccentric yet perfectly mashed track, his first song on the album titled “Voicemail” gets his audience interested in what’s to come. Moving on to ways such as “Jack Frost” and “Good Time,” the artist truly delivers a soundtrack packed with good vibes. With a total of 8 tracks on the album, Midnight Mights has supplied his fans with what was expected of him and even more.

From understated hip-hop dance blends to a somewhat jazzy rap combination, Andrew’s latest production is a definite must-listen and stepping stone in his career.