Baghead – “Dedicated To Those Who” (Short Film)

Rising San Francisco, CA based producer Baghead recently dropped his instrumental album “Dedicated to Those Who”, which is a major hit in the underground Hip Hop community.  He his back with his new 13 min short film, allowing fans to tap into his world and expression as a producer!  Make sure to follow him Instagram @baghead.osk @audio_vandals.

Big Stacks & Nite Tyme – “The Vibe Out” (Album Review)

The duo of Phildpehphia’s Big Stacks and Milwaukee’s Nite Tyme has resulted in the brand new album “The Vibe Out”. With a chance at making a classic collaboration record, can these two seize the opportunity?

Through 15 tracks, Nite Tyme takes control with his memorizing bars and potent songwriting. The Miuakwaue rapper’s a true spitter and his powerful storytelling makes moments such as the heartfelt “My Eyes” and the grimey “Satin” stand out. No matter the track each performance he delivers is breathtaking and the number of pockets he can tap into makes cuts such as “Nostalgia” remain in your head even hours after listening. Out of all the greatness this prominent up and comer shows, he truly brings his best when going against some of the featured artists such as D.J. Rob-Ski on “Classic” and “Deeper Connection” which features the stunning vocals of JOYA. As it goes for the other guests, Graze, Haph Breed, Kurious, and Mwanje additionally deliver stellar performances that further strengthen the core of the album. While Big Stacks mostly stays behind the boards on the LP, songs like “Rhymes” and “Going In” show off his proficient MC skills. The self-titled track “The Vibe Out” captures the best of both worlds as we see both Nyte and Stacks trading passionate bars. As a whole, the well-delivered performance from Nite Tyme shows he has the intangibles to become an all-time great MC. 

Behind the boards, Big Stacks production is where this record truly shines. Taking the basics of classic boom bap, this student of the game dedicates each track to reinventing the mold with a unique soulful pattern. Whether it’s the elegant “Deeper Connection” or the soulful “Make It Happen”, each instrumental here is crafted to the most adequate degree. Adding to the soundscape, the amazing samples of vocals from legends such as KRS-One and the neat touches added to each track make this experience truly unforgettable. For anyone craving organically forged and beautifully sounding hip hop beats, look no further than here.

In conclusion, “The Vibe Out” is a great underground record that will satisfy any true hip-hop fan. Nite Tyme shows he can be a top-tier MC in this game and the soundtrack done by Stacks himself is near perfect. Going forward, I cant wait to see what these two will do next, and if you can’t as well, be sure to follow @producerbigstacks and @nite_tyme on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Production, Chemistry, Lyricism

“Do What I Want” Is The New Banger By Rising Hip-Hop Star Lil Shxwn Featuring The Wicker Twinz

Known from BET’s reality show “Nellyville,” a documentary on the life of the famous rapper Nelly & his Immediate family, Lil Shxwn, Nelly’s nephew has already started his own hip-hop career. The artist proves that there is more to him than just his family’s legacy or the lavish lifestyle he sometimes exposes. Making headlines for his impressive rapping skills and mannerism in his previous releases like “Time Lost,” Lil Shxwn displayed his true potential. The artist’s newly dropped banger, “Do What I Want,” only cements his success. The new track is a collaboration with The Wicker Twinz, Yoni, and Solai, known for their hit song “Oh Yeah”.

With an uplifting beat, swag vibes, and great flow, “Do What I Want” has it all to become an iconic hip-hop banger. 

Edel MJ Shows His Versatility On New Music Video Titled “Soñando Despierto”

LA-based Mexican urban artist Edel MJ follows-up on his debut release, “Three Hearts” with yet another major production titled “Soñando Despierto,” released through Higher Living Music. Known for his unique fusion of trap, reggaeton, r&b and Hip-Hop, Edel MJ is sustaining a solid momentum with this new release,  dropped only a few weeks after his critically acclaimed debut song. Originally from the city of Obregon in Sonora Mexico, the 21 year old has had a great passion for music for as long as he can remember, and finds it fascinating to connect with other people through a song. 

While both his releases are impressively beautiful, they also showcase a very different facet of his personality and skills, with “Soñando Despierto” being more complete in terms of presenting his abilities to the fans. 

“Soñando Despierto,” which means ‘dreaming awake’ in Spanish is an artistic tour de force as Edel MJ sings and raps at various speeds and switches between moods and atmosphere seamlessly throughout the song. 

Get familiar with “Soñando Despierto” below:

Fly Papi – On & On (Single)

The journey has been versatile to FP, changing a few things along the way and growing with his G-funk sound & cool, laid-back style he has. Now more mature & pumping out music that resonates, Fly Papi launches a new company imprint tilted “The Lifestyle Group” .  With comparisons to artists like Big Sean and the late great Nipsey Hussle as far as looks, ethics, and how he moves , Fly Papi has a certain aura about him that makes you want to listen and hear what he has to say. 

His latest offering “On & On” breaks his musical hiatus, & reintroduces Fly Papi with the nostalgic vibes his listeners know & love. With heavy inspiration coming from the G-funk sound, FP gives life to the mantra that Nipsey Hussle lived by with this record.. as “the marathon continues,” it goes without saying that life comes in cycles and it goes “on & on”. 

On & On takes on the topic of perseverance & staying the course with an undeniable vibe that keeps you moving cool. Take a listen below to Fly Papi & his latest. Keep it locked for more new music coming soon & stay up to date with Fly Papi via Instagram.

Jordan Webb – Two Peace (EP)

Introducing Jordan Webb. A fast-rising recording artist out of Nashville, Tennessee with an intriguing flow, interesting style and exciting new music about to change the game in 2021. Today, he delivers a quick tape in the newly released EP, titled, Two Peace.

A quick two-song collection, the 25-year-old entices his new audience with music about two opposite perspectives most of us move through when dealing with heartbreak. The project is filled with crafty smooth heartbreak and futuristic imagery. You can hear the hunger in his music from beginning to end. “I’ve been doing music for about 11 years but I treat every song like it’s the first one I’ve ever written and the last one I’ll ever write,” he says.

Two Peace is lead by Webb’s standout single, “Sore Loser.” Webb expressed, “Sore Loser is a particularly special song to me. When I wrote it, I was fresh off the cuff of a terrible situationship and had this idea of making a sad n*gga anthem for anyone who’s felt similar after dealing with someone who ends up wasting your time.”

The new EP is the perfect origin point for any newly discovered fan, it’s a project that will connect with you instantly as we all have dealt with our fair share of love lost. For Webb, it’s a real personal effort for the new artist.

“Two Peace is a really intimate project,” he assures. “Sore Loser was the first song I recorded when I moved to LA, while Care For Me was one of the last collaborative songs I made before moving from Nashville, TN a couple years ago. Both songs have super different tones but tackle the same subject matter at different time periods in my life. I think this growth of emotion and the juxtaposition between the songs is what really drew me to keeping this a two-song project.”

The EP is available everywhere via Jordan Webb’s own imprint. Stream it here.