Robin Harris Jr. Releases ‘The Grevillea Project Vol. 1’

And as promised, Robert Harris Jr unveils the anticipated project, The Grevillea Project Vol.1.

A sequel to his previous mixtape, TGP is a 10-track effort that showcases the rising act’s uniquely soulful and raw Hip Hop style. He gives us an inside look behind the creative process on the docuseries. Arguably best work yet, the project is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

Robin Harris Jr. has been keeping his father’s name alive while building his own legacy. Co-founder of the Robin Harris Foundation, whose mission is to elevate youth in performing arts and athletics. RHJ spent a few years on the gridiron as a star wide-receiver in college before pursuing a career in music. The son of late comedian-actor Robin Harris didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in comedy; however, RHJ found his passion for music. An artist with an entrepreneurial mindset, Robin Harris Jr. is releasing his 7th project under his imprint AOE Global.

After streaming, continue to follow Harris Jr’s journey on Instagram. The Grevillea Project Vol.1 is available now on all DSPs. Stream it now.

Klassik Frescobar Shares Defining Single, “Looking Good (Remix)”

After receiving newfound recognition with notable songs “Bee Sting,” “Chair” and “Elevator.” Rising Klassik Frescobar seizes the moment with the release a remix treatment of potentially his best track yet in “Looking Good (Remix).” The lead single is a blend of multiple Caribbean artists.

The Song “Looking Good Remix” features major artists from all over The Caribbean. Piggybacking off its viral success on twitter and TikTok, Klassik recruited artists: Kisha from Saint Lucia, Trinidad Ghost from Trinidad, Marzville from Barbados and Trinidad Madman from Trinidad to bolster the growth of the record. The high tempo and addictive chorus have created a dance sensation throughout the Caribbean.

Born Kamaal Burrowes, Klassik Frescobar is a Jamaican-American artist with a commanding presence and high energy vocals. His breakout record “Boom” on the Fuego Riddim would change the trajectory of his career. Over the past year, he has recorded a number of successful singles and traveled within the U.S and the Caribbean to perform. “Looking Good” prepares the newfound audience for his anticipated project, coming 2021.

While streaming “Looking Good (Remix),” to learn more about the new artist, head over to Klassik Frescobar’s Instagram.

Stream “Looking Good (Remix)” now.

D-Rell – “The Nomad” (Album Review)

Harlem New York artist D-Rell releases a new album called “The Nomad” from 1st glance you see a very personally image of D-Rell and his family indicating this album will dive deep into who the artist truly is.  The album begins with an interview explaining how D-Rell manifested his conceptual brand and substance, This is what’s equivalent  to an origin story in hero movies. We follow along as D-Rell is being interviewed and answering the questions in songs. I have not seen this before other than Kdot on his Grammy award winning album “To Pimp A Butterfly”.

D-Rell Explains his ascension begin when he was 22 years old were he expanded his wings and left the nest rolling into the next stage of life. As the album continue with the song 22″ we see why 22 was a dynamic year for D-Rell as he explains the obstacles he endured as a black man cultivating his artistry . This is one the worlds most overlooked problem which can be compared to modern day slavery and artist like D-Rell highlighting conceptual.

“Bar Talk” comes in after we hear a snippet of D-Rell talking about is alcoholic tendencies, The song is mobilized by a beautiful soul sample giving it an extra push. They call alcohol the truth juice and we hear a lot of deep trauma being pulled up as the Harlem artist puts it all on the table. He talks past relationships and his doing in the separation. “Leg Of a Journey” is a beautiful song feat DaeDae, Her soul vibe captures the moment in a bottle as we can feel her pain transcended. I automatically  seen a music video explaining the journey from Harlem to the city of angels.

another stand out track was “Focus” I loved the Boom Bap approach with nothing but bars. The feel is 90s completely like they found this song in a time capsule. D-Rell reminds me of an old school rapper named Socrates a Canadian born Hip Hop artist who was majorly overlooked. Hip-Hop has a thing for trashing the greatest and celebrating the copy’s. As the album continues we run into “Legacy” Feat DaeDae, This track is smooth the production always vocals to sit right in the pocket lyrical. DaeDae has a voice that reminds me of Estlle and Amy Winehouse very soulful yet unique.

“Dear Love” heading towards the end of the album we find another jewel featuring Dae Dae once again. The Melo tone deep bass production allows the jazz touch to amplify the overall song. These elements show the concern put into the track, We don’t hear art like this anymore marketed correctly and with next level visuals I can see him creating a lane for himself. For more updates on music and follow D-Rell on Spotify.

Rating : 7 out of 10

Corio Joins The Kentucky Takeover With “Phone Off” Single

Corio, the latest new Kentucky sensation in music, has huge aspirations to follow in the same footsteps as fellow stars Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller. Today, the new artist contributes his debut single to the masses in the intriguing love triangle track called “Phone Off.”

In the song, Corio embarks on a unique journey through love as he plays the third wheel in an established relationship. Based on a true story, Corio tells us what it’s like to be involved with a love interest who wants to have their cake and eat it too.

“This track is based on true events,” Corio reveals. “I was involved with this woman who I strongly believe was in a relationship while entertaining me. The record conveys everything that did or eventually would have happened had things played out to the end.”

“Phone Off” sets up an anticipated debut project by the uprising artist coming 2021. “Phone Off” is available now on his own imprint. Feel free to follow Corio daily on Instagram.

Take a listen to Corio’s new single now, courtesy Spotify.

Big Hoodoo – “The Hoodini Chronicles, Pt. I: The Redbook” (Album Review)

Big Hoodoo is an MC from Detroit, Michigan who originally came up as Doe Dubbla. Under that original moniker, he put out a double-disc full-length debut in 2008 called Stack’n & later followed it up with Hiatus in 2012. However it wouldn’t be until 2013 when Dubbla signed Psychopathic Records, put out his 3rd album Crystal Skull that summer & became the black magic practitioner that he is today. Now the last time we heard from Hoodoo solo-wise was in 2016 when he released asylum, which was pretty much a more refined version of Crystal Skull. But just a little over year after founding his own label Ear Drug Musik as well as teaming up with Anybody Killa to drop Tha Hav Knots’ debut EP, the man is now delivering his highly anticipated 5th album.

The opener “Juice” with Bam Beda sees the 2 talking about being grateful for making out the hood & getting lit when the pressure’s on over some keyboards, but then transitions into a Sada Baby type beat that isn’t too bad. The next song “Hoodooinit” triumphantly celebrates his return over an anarchic trap instrumental while the track “Bitch I’m Gone” finds Hoodoo boasting over a sinister beat from Str8jaket. The song “Hatchetman” is a full-blown Psychopathic anthem backed by a trap instrumental with some eerie keyboards while the track “7+3” hooks back up with Bam Beda to talk about murdering those who want beef with them over a solemn beat.

The song “Take Over” with Blac finds the 2 talking about running shit over a bass-heavy instrumental while the track “Ride High” talks about going at those praying on his downfall over a ghostly beat with a killer guitar riff. The song “Juggalo Love (Murder Medley)” with Ouija Macc sees the 2 talking about how juggalos don’t play over an instrumental with a creepy atmosphere to it while the track “RIP” talks those who tried to stop him & this is probably the most evil-sounding beat on the whole entire album. The song “Against the Grain” teams up with Hoodoo’s mentors the Insane Clown Posse finds the 3 thanking those who helped their dreams come to fruition over a tranquil instrumental & then “Time of My Life” is an emotional finale as Hoodoo’s spitting some real life shit & the background singer throughout was a remarkable touch as well.

After a 4-year wait, this was very much well worth it because I think The Hoodini Chronicles, Part I: The Redbook is neck & neck with for Big Hoodoo’s best work. His evolution throughout the past 7 years is quite evident as his lyricism has only gotten better with time & the production on here is just as raw. Great comeback effort.

Score: 8/10

J57 – “The Analog Tape 3.3” (Album)

MC/Producer J57 just dropped his latest instrumental album titled “The Analog Tape 3.3” via his label FiveSe7en Collective/Soulspazm Distribution. The theme for the album covers for the “Analog Tape 3.0” series has all consisted of photos from the very early Brown Bag AllStars days; working at Fat Beats, doing shows, and more all from 2008-2009. The sound of this series is very eclectic/genre-bending boom bap, electronic, indie, and much more. The last song on the album “Rell Swank” is a requiem J57 created when he found out his friend Rell Swank (Joey Bada$$‘s cousin) was murdered in an incident. RIP!

You can stream/purchase this album via J57’s bandcamp.