Zubin Taps Glvsshouse, Dek Amazing & Koi For “Woke Up” Visual

Uprising New Jersey producer Zubin forms with an exciting cast of fresh faces of artists like Transformers for the debut release of the music video for “Woke Up.” For the first outing, Zubin links with Lil Tecca-director Declan Kyle for a magentically attractive slowed down visual that shows the rising star in his natural habitat and shows off the future of hip hop. Waking up the culture, Zubin’s debut is a must-see.

As Glvsshouse, Dek Amazing and Koi distribute trendy, up next, verses as Zubin puts the production together with signature instruments. Assembling a cast of notable mentions, Zubin activates his DJ Khaled blueprint for the first release from his forthcoming project. He explains:

“I feel like it’s the first track I’ve released where I really had the chance to bring together some fire artists with different styles onto one track. It’s definitely a unique song and the way I composed it was inspired by producers like Metro Boomin and DJ Khaled.”

“Woke Up” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan of the rising producer and guest features. Naturally attractive, “Woke Up” is available everywhere via Save Me Records. For more on Zubin, follow the new producer on social media for daily updates and more.

Take a look at the “Woke Up” video below.

Shon Plant and sunofthesol team up for “Tootsie Roll”

Shon Plant teams up with sunofthesol for a smooth summery jam titled “Tootsie Roll” that is taken from his new LP. The track is a bravado-laden piece ripe with fiery lyricism and a smooth alluring backdrop made up of soft vocal samples, soothing keys, and grooves that keep the listeners locked in from start to finish.

“Tootsie Roll” is taken from the Last Ride LP.

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The HRSMN – “The Last Ride” (Album Review)

The HRSMN is a hip hop supergroup consisting of Canibus, Killah Priest, Kurupt & Ras Kass. These 4 have made a name for themselves as some of the most underrated lyricists the culture has ever seen & first formed a little over 20 years ago with a couple of collabs. A mixtape called The Horsemen Project even emerged in late 2003, which was followed up with the Historic EP just 11 years later. Fast forward to present day, they’re coming back together for their official full-length album.together for what they say is their first & only official full-length album.

After the “Sintro”, the first song “Centaurs” is an organ-inflicted boom bap kickstarter to the album where the 4 lyricists compare themselves to that of the Greek mythology creature whereas “This Shit Right Here” is a rugged hip hop quotable fest. As for “Champion” with Planet Asia & Chino XL, I appreciate the content about being victors but the instrumental is just so minimal. However, “Morticians” is a theatrical banger comparing themselves to that of the grim reaper.

Meanwhile on “1 Second”, we have The HRSMN & Hus Kingpin hopping aboard a trap beat saying they spit sicker than COVID-19 before “Love n War” takes a turn into awkward romance ballad territory. “Believer” is a symphonic anthem about celebrating Passover by meeting death & after the “False Profits” skit, we go into a more luxurious sound whilst speaking on their longevity on “Apocalips Now”.

“Impossible” gets on their battle rap shit over a sly instrumental leading up Phil Da Agony, El Gant, Al Tejada & Fokis accompanying the quartet on the keyboard heavy “Burger King” telling anyone to bring the beef to them. Finally there’s the title track, which has occultist vibes in the beat & the supergroup is bidding everyone farewell given the fact that they said this was gonna be their only album.

It took these guys 2 decades to finally put out an LP together & I’m not mad at it being their only one as a unit because I enjoyed quite a bit of it. All 4 emcees sound great with each other & most importantly, the mixing/mastering on here is a lot more cleaner than it was on The Horsemen Project.

Score: 8/10

Lou from Paradise & Statik Selektah – “Not Dead Yet!” (EP Review)

Lou from Paradise is a 25 year old MC from Brooklyn, New York breaking out in 2017 off the strength of his debut mixtape Humaniac. This resulted in a short-lived deal with Interscope Records, whom helped him put out his debut album Painkiller Paradise a couple years later. But after keeping a low profile since then, Lou is tapping in Statik Selektah for his 2nd EP.

“Brainless” serves as a classy opener with it’s jazzy undertones & the choir vocals in the instrumental as Lou tells listeners he’s still an asshole to this day. The title track jumps on quirky boom bap production to shove his return in our faces whereas “Antifreeze” is an eerier cut about how shit ain’t faze him in a while.

The gloomy “Cold Shoulder” speaks on how he’d never thought he’d make it out of the hood to give a fuck what others think while the piano-laced penultimate track “Outside wit Psychoz” tells the listener that he doesn’t feel shit. Then there’s “Stray Dog”, which is an off-the-top freestyle accompanied with a devilish beat.

I’ve been waiting 4 years for Lou to drop his magnum opus & I feel like he finally did it on Not Dead Yet!. His lyricism has improved quite a bit since he first came onto the scene & the signature sound Statik Selektah brings to the table suits the kid best.

Score: 8/10

Oh! The Horror – “1692” (Album Review)

This is the sophomore album from California trio Oh! The Horror. Emerging a couple years ago off their debut EP The Devil Made Me Do It, they gained even more exposure just last summer by becoming the very 1st act under Majik Ninja Entertainment’s new sub-label Welcome to the Underground & put out their full-length debut Halloween 365. And after a hot streak of singles throughout the first half of 2021, it was only right for Oh! The Horror to return with 1692.

“Strange” is a trap metal opener about how they’ll never change whereas “Let Me Be” is a vicious response to those who ever doubted them. “All’s Fair” goes into a punkier direction as they takes shots a deceitful woman before going emo on all fronts for “Dead Inside”.

Meanwhile on “Alive”, we get a fiery ballad about how thrilling murder is just before the explosive yet suicidal “Bodybag”. We go into an almost alternative direction on the possessive “If I Can’t Have You” leading into the trap metal/industrial fusion that is “Istilldontcare”, which is about giving no fucks.

“Groceries” takes things back into punk territory with them saying they’re always eating their girls’ asses while shifting gears into post-hardcore on “Eating Me Alive”. The song “Never Found” is a chugging ballad about a witch they knows & that leads into the penultimate track “Witch Bitch”, which is a freaky trap metal-flavored follow up. The album then ends with “Tears of Gold” which is a great cover of the Faouzia joint of the same name.

If you go back to my Halloween 365 review, I had stated that Oh! The Horror would start to grow more down the line. And that’s exactly what they just did on 1692. I feel like their sound is more refined, it’s more adventurous, the songwriting has improved & they feel more comfortable in their performances.

Score: 8/10

Magna Carda “Never Can Stay” (Audio)

Magna Carda enlists London based Kari Faux producer Danio along with DJ Cortez on the cuts for “Never Can Stay.” The single is taken from the new album titled ‘To The Good People.’

The track exudes a chill vibe mixed with classic Hip Hop elements that switch cadences with each new scene. Through polished wordplay and cleverly painted lyrics, listeners are taken on a journey from LA to NY. “I got my rap book close like an open diary” is a hint to what tales the track embodies, there are many as Carda never can stay in one spot too long.

“Never Can Stay” is ideal for a cruise with the top down, summer nights, or even some self-reflection into our own open diaries. Stream/download the single and connect with Magna Carda below.

MAGNA CARDA (magnacardamusic.com)

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Hari reflects on “Fictional Romance”

UK singer Hari returns to our site with this new heartfelt single titled “Fictional Romance” where she dives into the proverbial forbidden fruit. She delivers a heartfelt and impassioned performance ripe with evocative and detailed lyrics as she explores a blossoming love between her and someone she should not be with. Both parties know this attraction should not occur but they just can’t let each other go.

“Fictional Romance” is Hari’s second single for the year and it’s taken from her forthcoming EP.

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Youngn Mh Enlists Fetty Luciano For “Aquafina” Visual

The latest release off the upcoming Still Adjusting album, popular East New York recording artist, Youngn Mh, adds a visual presentation to the “Camera” follow-up, titled “Aquafina.” In the latest commercial for the project, featuring Fetty Luciano, a fast-rising new act, get rowdy in the streets with braggadocious wit and trendsetting appeal. Watch the new visual below and stream the song everywhere via Mh ENT.

Among the street bikes, high signing and brag, Mh and Fetty are exciting, witty and charismatic from beginning to end. The song and video are must-stream as Young Mh builds lead up to the forthcoming project. On the project’s current status, Youngn Mh explains:

“Aquafina is one of my favorite joints off my soon-to-be-released EP Still Adjusting. Fetty cheffed this one up as soon as he heard the beat. I already knew what the vibe was going to be. Fetty actually walked in while I was recording and immediately brought that raw energy.”

Youngn Mh is an artist-to-watch. Continue to follow his journey, daily, on social media.

Watch the new video for “Aquafina” below.