Trizz – “Black Suburban Music” (Album)

L.A.’s very own Trizz drops his new album, “Black Suburban Music”, featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, Kokane, X-Raided, Knoc-Turn’al, Cal-E-Clipz & Roc$tedy.

It’s been a over a year since my last solo album. This one feels different. Everything from the lyrics to the beats are the real deal. Even the skits are real life scenarios that I captured when people weren’t aware so it’s authentic. I’m just a black kid from the suburbs and this sh*t sounds like you’re riding around in a black suburban… hence “Black Suburban Music”.

Choco Valens – “Kill Politics” EP

Remember the days when dope artwork made you want to listen to the album? New or old! With the current state of the country, we came across a album cover for the 2018 release of “Kill Politics”, the first EP by Miami lyricist Choco Valens. Make sure to stream the project!!

Global Octopus – “Animal Sounds” (Album)

Up and coming underground Hip Hop duo based out of Denton Texas, Global Octopus releases their new highly anticipated album titled “Animal Sounds“.  Make sure to follow them on Instagram @globaloctopus17.


June Popi – Mayday (LP)

Oklahoma recording artist June Popi has spent the majority of 2020 developing an irresistible buzz for himself with breakout hits like “Dirty Birds” and “Calvin Klein.” And with a couple of hits and accrued following, the new sensation makes his formal introduction in the strong debut album, titled, Mayday. In the debut, Popi answers all the proposed questions from critics. Dedicated, he cements his arrival and become the breakout star he self-proclaimed to be in previous songs.

Impressive. Alongside the hit singles, the 26-minute debut includes, 10 new songs with breakout cuts “Round Here,” “SKR SKR” and “90s Baby.” Apart of the new school of Dirty South artists, June Popi displays charisma, grit and excitement in every verse he raps. Mayday makes June Popi a big draw in the current landscape and while trending, he will ascend to be one of the most sought-after prospects in the majors. Available on 5150, the debut is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Stream it here and follow June Popi on Instagram.

AJ Gold – “Oz” (Video)

“Oz”, new video by AJ Gold, a 25 year old alternative rapper/producer from Nanaimo, B.C. Canada off his new album entitled “Needy Boy” available on all platforms. He  wrote and choreographed the video directed by Harry Shaw from Victoria, B.C. who he plans to work with more in the near future.

Isabell Slim – “Get Money” (Video)

Recently achieving over 100,000 streams and 80,000 views on YouTube. Louisiana rapper Isabell Slim follows up his previous release, “Is That Him (Slim),” with a buzzworthy new visual called “Get Money.” Taking to the streets with his gritty southern lingo and catchy street-smart hook, the rising star prepares for his forthcoming album release with potentially his best work yet.
Produced by CZ Beats, the Dirty South gatekeepers have reported Isabell Slim as one of the hottest new artists in the South right now. Crafty wordplay, trendy songwriting and much more. Now is the perfect time to get familiar with everything Isabell Slim.