“Do What I Want” Is The New Banger By Rising Hip-Hop Star Lil Shxwn Featuring The Wicker Twinz

Known from BET’s reality show “Nellyville,” a documentary on the life of the famous rapper Nelly & his Immediate family, Lil Shxwn, Nelly’s nephew has already started his own hip-hop career. The artist proves that there is more to him than just his family’s legacy or the lavish lifestyle he sometimes exposes. Making headlines for his impressive rapping skills and mannerism in his previous releases like “Time Lost,” Lil Shxwn displayed his true potential. The artist’s newly dropped banger, “Do What I Want,” only cements his success. The new track is a collaboration with The Wicker Twinz, Yoni, and Solai, known for their hit song “Oh Yeah”.

With an uplifting beat, swag vibes, and great flow, “Do What I Want” has it all to become an iconic hip-hop banger. 

Edel MJ Shows His Versatility On New Music Video Titled “Soñando Despierto”

LA-based Mexican urban artist Edel MJ follows-up on his debut release, “Three Hearts” with yet another major production titled “Soñando Despierto,” released through Higher Living Music. Known for his unique fusion of trap, reggaeton, r&b and Hip-Hop, Edel MJ is sustaining a solid momentum with this new release,  dropped only a few weeks after his critically acclaimed debut song. Originally from the city of Obregon in Sonora Mexico, the 21 year old has had a great passion for music for as long as he can remember, and finds it fascinating to connect with other people through a song. 

While both his releases are impressively beautiful, they also showcase a very different facet of his personality and skills, with “Soñando Despierto” being more complete in terms of presenting his abilities to the fans. 

“Soñando Despierto,” which means ‘dreaming awake’ in Spanish is an artistic tour de force as Edel MJ sings and raps at various speeds and switches between moods and atmosphere seamlessly throughout the song. 

Get familiar with “Soñando Despierto” below:

The Late Ones – “Troubled Ones” (Video)

Conscious reggae/hip-hop hybrid band The Late Ones drop their new music video titled “Troubled Ones“.

Formed in Laie, Hawaii, and based in Gardena, California, brothers Tui Avei and Tau Avei, along with their cousin Josh Brunson, are the voices that make up The Late Ones. Rooted in both their Samoan culture and their African-American Heritage, the familial bond between the three members comes through in their harmonies and give-and-take with the mic, while each of them brings their own conscious lyrics and unforgettable melodies. The name “The Late Ones” pays tributes to all of the late, great revolutionaries who have come and gone, such as Bob Marley, Tupac, John Lewis, Jimi Hendrix, Kobe Bryant, Steve Biko, Chadwick Boseman, and John Lennon (to name but a few). It is the fusion of each revolutionary story, struggle, and message that inspires and resonates with The Late Ones’ own journey and love for all genres of music. Built on this deeply rooted conviction, the trio harness something undeniably special in calling for justice, freedom and equality with their music. Think of the Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, and A Tribe Called Quest collaborating with The Mighty Diamonds or Culture, and you get a sense of what this sound is like.

ORGANIZED KRIME – Norwalk’s Favorite New Underground Hip Hop Duo Drops Album “Krime in the City”

“Krime in the City” by new Norwalk based Hip Hop duo ORGANIZED KRIME (Nadathing and Kesoh) is an easy energetic listen, with all 10 tracks gives us an exclusive snapshot of life in the city of Norwalk. The album personifies a city that is built off of balance and disorder.  Organized Krime is dedicated to giving us the unapologetic, humble, heartfelt lyrics that their fans thrive off of. In addition to putting their city on the map, Nadathing and Kesoh stay dedicated to their upbringings and paint their city in a world of color and flair. From flow to style to energy, this album is packed full of everything we love about hip hop. “98’ Muska” is one of our favorite tracks with a suave sample and abrasively smooth sound. “Lower Eastside” takes you through pavements that hold stories of glory and gore.  

Score: 7/10

New Houston Star Ray Moon Shares “Glowin” Visual

Meet Ray Moon, the breakout artist of the year. Today, the Houston recording artist drops the official visual for her lead single “Glowin” featuring fellow rising star, Jadahblue. Directed by the amazing Stack Moses, Moon and Jadahblue escape reality’s hardships by going for a daydreaming joyride through La La Land in the lovely new visual.


Following her last video, 2019’s “Shy,” “Glowin” is about falling in love. She explains: “A lot of times we fall in love with the idea of having someone and loss ourselves in people. Sometimes that love high gets so strong and you don’t care what road you end up on. Just as long as you have unconditional love.”

A brief history on Ray Moon. Bounced around the map as an adolescent. Moon credits Georgia’s Nawfside (Lawrenceville) as her musical point of origin. And with a unique voice and appeal, her content stems from life’s hardships, deaths, disappointments, struggles, and possibilities. She is a voice for the person that is living a life beyond its boundaries and its cards dealt. Began acknowledgment from the industry in 2016, Moon is best known for her 2018 single “So Sorry,” which has accumulated over two million streams on Spotify.

Now is the perfect time to become a newfound fan of Ray Moon. “Glowin” is the latest single from Moon and sets up a promising full-length project from the rising star in 2021. “My wolves can expect a Full Moon all 2021. More visual, more singles and more Ray Moon. See you soon,” Ray Moon said in a press release.

The new single is available everywhere via Truth Be Told. To-date, Ray Moon has over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, alone. For more on Ray Moon, follow her daily on Instagram.

Watch the new video to the Ray Moon single below and stream it here.