Joey Phantom – “Summertime” (Lyric Video)

Phantom Music LLC presents Louisville KY. rapper and recording artist Joey Phantom “Summertime” This track is a whole mood. A laid back vibe with clever wordplay separates this rising star from the pack. “Summertime” can be streamed on ALL digital platforms. Make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. Check back often for updates, follow, like, comment and share.

June Popi – Mayday (LP)

Oklahoma recording artist June Popi has spent the majority of 2020 developing an irresistible buzz for himself with breakout hits like “Dirty Birds” and “Calvin Klein.” And with a couple of hits and accrued following, the new sensation makes his formal introduction in the strong debut album, titled, Mayday. In the debut, Popi answers all the proposed questions from critics. Dedicated, he cements his arrival and become the breakout star he self-proclaimed to be in previous songs.

Impressive. Alongside the hit singles, the 26-minute debut includes, 10 new songs with breakout cuts “Round Here,” “SKR SKR” and “90s Baby.” Apart of the new school of Dirty South artists, June Popi displays charisma, grit and excitement in every verse he raps. Mayday makes June Popi a big draw in the current landscape and while trending, he will ascend to be one of the most sought-after prospects in the majors. Available on 5150, the debut is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Stream it here and follow June Popi on Instagram.

El Stacko – “Based On A True Story” (Album Review)

El Stacko is an up and coming rapper from Chicago, Illinois. After years of work, the mc has released his anticipated debut album, “Based On A True Story“. The record captures the hardships Stack faced growing up on the Westside of the Chi. While it is not always beautiful, the project is a gritty and unfiltered perspective into a life not everyone can make it out of.

El Stacko’s moving lyricism and delivery make the album feel super genuine and thought-provoking. The intro track “Honest” sets the tone for what to expect going forward as Stacko uses his struggles to allude to his come-up story. For the next few records, Stacko continues to rap about the trauma he has endured throughout his life. The cuts “Stay Strong” and “Keep Moving” are my favorite songs on the project as the Chicago rapper uses chilling vocals and dark imagery to paint a tear-jerking story. The rest of the album builds upon the previously addressed topics.”Got It Going” with Needlz knievel is another standout song due to its intense lyricism and hardcore flows. Overall, El Stacko does a great job of painting his roots on the tape.

Sonically, the production on the record matches El Stacko’s abrasive style. While none of the instrumentals are mind-blowing by any means, they fulfill their job of holding the project together. Cuts such as “Realer Than You” and “Vamonos” exemplify this with their straightforward yet hard-hitting trap and drill fused beats. An instrumental which stuck out to me was “Stay Strong”, which contains a sappy piano beat for Stacko to reminisce over. All and all, El Stacko picked the soundtrack of this album well, as each instrumental helps convey the message the rapper is trying to get across.

In conclusion, Based On A True Story showcases what to expect from El Stacko going forward. Putting so much emotion into his songwriting, each track feels like a roller coaster. In the future, I’m super excited to see what this gifted mc will accomplish and if you are too, be sure to follow @elstacko4 on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Emotion, Flow, Vocals

Album Of The Day: Checkmate by MZ Genesiz

Mz Genesiz, a new player in the female rap game, dropped a dope album titled Checkmate, a house for 10 fiery joints. Mz Genesiz truly produces great music, and with her new LP, she redefines the often male-dominated industry.

On her outstanding and grief-stricken debut album, Mz Genesiz pays tribute to her past and to the future she wants to achieve. As she digs further into the fragmented memories of her experiences, she is ready to risk it all for her career and follow her dreams, as she raps on the track “Big Dreams.” Her verses describe how she left her job, and how she is not going back, as she is here to chase her destiny. 

The beats she uses on the album are all very balanced, and present her interest with heavier sounds blended  with synths, and filtered through lo-fi lens. The combination can be both mesmerizing and misleading – Mz Genesiz uses special effects to soften the pitch of her voice, so that the audience sinks into melodies and gets lost in her story. 

 Mz Genesiz delivered a great debut album, where confidence seeps through in her artistic growth. We are hungry for more! 


Providing a much needed departure from the hyper-sexualized world of female rap, Mz Genesiz is an artist aiming to set the bar high with her meaningful music and self help books. Being a savvy and relentless businesswoman, she wants to empower young women to do the same. To embrace their authenticity and chase their dreams no matter the obstacle.

Mz Genesiz has now released three new singles titled “Super Press”, “Shook” and “Checkmate”. Featuring her signature sound, witty bars and a hip-hop vibe with empowerment lyrics. Always working with her unique style, Mz Genesiz made a place for herself in the music industry with a message of self-love, self-respect and a drive to rise above adversity. Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Genesiz went to high school with rapper Meek Mill and Elementary School with Singer Jasmine Sullivan. Genesiz has performed for crowds of over 50,000 alongside note-able acts such as Ryan Leslie, Roscoe Dash & Soldier Boy.

A spokesperson for Mz Genesiz made an official press statement; “Mz Genesiz really is the new age Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill. Her message is really important because she teaches young girls that they can be successful without exploiting their sexuality. A female rap artist of her caliber and her message, is what we desperately need in today’s world.”

Meet Rising Multi-Instrumentalist And Rapper Hipster Conspiracy

Hipster Conspiracy has just dropped new music. Her debut album is called Dysphoria, and tells the story of her experience regarding the acceptance of her sexual identity, a path filled with obstacles, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. However dark her past is, her debut record is proof that hope prevails, and that is thanks to the healing power of music, sound, and self-expression. 

A determined and ambitious soul, Hipster Conspiracy is finally able to share Dysphoria, an album which took years of her life to create and polish, without forgetting to mention that since she is a multi-instrumentalist, she has recorded each instrument of the soundtrack. 

Gel Roc – “Grandeur” (Album)

Member of EX2, Mass Men (Project Blowed), and label head of Abolano Records, Gel Roc drops a new solo album titled “Grandeur” produced entirely by Awkward of The Cloaks. Gel Roc picks up where his previous albums “Mass Elements” and “Cloak Encounters of the Third Eye” left off. “Grandeur” features emcees from Freestyle Fellowship, The Shape Shifters, and EX2. Now available on streaming platforms via Alpha Pup Records along with a CD, vinyl, and cassette tape releases on Abolano Records. Mastered by LA2TheBay legend Deeskee and clocking in at 13 tracks.