Rico Tell’em – “Breakfast Club” Ft. Jamal Gasol (Video)

Niagara Falls MC Rico Tell’em has teamed up with UGHHBLOG to premiere his newest video for “Breakfast Club” (shot by Kevin X Bivins) featuring his cousin Jamal Gasol.

Though the track is Rico’s, it appears on Jamal Gasol’s newly released project “The World Is Piff 2.5.” Speaking on his connection with Rico, Gasol said “he’s my uncle Chill Will’s son and like my older brother. He was one of my influences in picking up the mic and used to bring the people to Western New York with Lathergang, do the research.”

You can cop physicals of Jamal Gasol’s recent release “The World Is Piff 2” plus more and stay up on his future endeavors by hitting up his site here.

Jamal Gasol · The World Is Piff 2.5 **FREE DOWNLOAD**

MJ Grizz Nabs YE Ali For New Single, “Fell In Love”

MJ Grizz, the next big thing to come out of Chicago, has created a huge following in 2020 with his infectious intangibles and hot new music. Growing his catalog with catchy songs, today, he drops his latest single, titled, “Fell In Love.”

Tapping popular R&B singer Ye Ali for the assist, Grizz shows us his softer side on the new collaboration. The song praises the beautiful women of Chicago and is a new go-to for men looking to praise their special lady for any occasion.

Grizz explains: “The song ‘Fell in Love’ is a big vibe, a mood, and a song to put you in your zone. This record, we wanted to show love and appreciation to the women in our city and other cities as well. The ladies are going to love this one and the fellas as well to get the girls in that mood.”

“Fell In Love” is one of many new songs arriving the rest of 2020 by the rising star. After a breakout year, he is anticipated to release his patiently-awaited new album destined for early 2021 delivery. “Fell In Love” is available on MJ Grizz’s own imprint. After the listen, join the MJ Grizz bandwagon today on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream “Fell In Love” now.

King Swag – “The Why Project” (Album Review)

King Swag is an upcoming rapper who has been building up a loyal fanbase since 2019. With singles like “Smoke” and “Forever King”, success has come fairly easy to this young MC. He’s just put out his debut album “The Why Project” on all streaming services. Will King Swag be able to hold his expectations and grow as an artist, or will his fans come to find his early success was just a fluke?

While turning anger and disgust with America’s current state into music has become increasingly played out and repetitive, King Swag does everything in his power to deliver one of the most exciting experiences within these guidelines. Setting the tone on “4th of Ju-Lie!”, Swag points out the false ideals America has been built on while also honoring fallen freedom fighters like Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Tubman. “Karen Be Tellin’” is a comedic yet potent anthem on the many people privileged and disconnected from what’s going on in the streets nationwide. “15 to Life” was a definite standout as its an intense telling of the police forces’ true intentions when arresting African Americans. Building on this song, “Why?” is a more passive attempt at trying to bridge the divide between Americans. As a whole, King Swag thought out and planned everything on this record thoroughly as its some of the most fleshed-out commentary I’ve heard in a while.

Behind the boards, the production works in an array of ways to enhance the overall experience. Before talking about the sound of any the tracks, I must mention the various skits and interludes which are used. Pulling raw clips from history, songs like “Outro” and “4th of Ju-Lie!” are strengthened by hearing freedom fighters and every day black peoples speeches and conversations from the prior century. The skits “Karen Gone Wild” and “Revenge on Karen” are funny in their ridiculousness, yet they reinforce the themes of racism and hatred that linger in our society today. On the musical side of things, there is so much to be enjoyed from. From “4th of Ju-Lie!” that samples and flips the national anthem all the way to the upbeat “Forever King”, each note is crafted to perfection. “Why?” contained my favorite instrumental on the entire album as it feels like something played by the legendary Roots crew. In summary, the record’s production pushes every theme and idea to the max.

In conclusion, “The Why Project” is a phenomenal album that all hip hop fans should check out. King Swag has a god-given ability to turn his complex wordplay into food for thought. There hasn’t been much better when it comes to politically aware projects, and speaks volumes in a year like this. If you’re like me and want to see what this talented rapper does next, be sure to follow @kingswagf on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Production, Subject Matter

Desperado Orchestra Shines Bright With New Funky Disco Song “Just Dancin’”

Desperado Orchestra is releasing yet another power track, “Just Dancin’,” offering listeners from all backgrounds a funky disco track that is bound to make some noise on the airwaves. His great asset lies in the way he tackles a myriad of sonic influences in his music, from soul, to funk, disco, and r&b, and even jazz. “Just Dancin’” is more centered around his African roots, and enriches his already impressive repertoire of hits with a song that displays a slightly different facet of his personality. His attachment to his heritage is clear, and he demonstrates it with full power on this magical hymn to dancing, and coming alongside a music video that documents the world’s dancing tradition of all five continents. 


New Track Alert: Ike – ‘Trunks’

American rapper Ike is releasing his newest song, a flawless production titled ‘Trunks,’ as well as its music video. ‘Trunks’ is now available on all streaming services and the music video is viewable on YouTube. After introducing himself in style with the single ‘Can’t Fold,’ Ike is now leveling-up and pushing his form of rap even further than he ever has, with his signature smooth flow and catchy instrumentals with a pounding bass supporting the track throughout. The chorus is infectious, and the visuals are directed by @kgthabest, so make sure to watch it. 

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Ike was heavily inspired by his hometown and the southern influences that enriched his sound in a distinctive way. 

‘Can’t Fold’ and ‘Trunks’ were covered by DC Young Fly, and ‘Can’t Fold’ was hosted on Young Fly’s Coming Up Vol. 2 hosted by DC Young Fly on SoundCloud and MyMixtapes. 

Iconic artists like Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Drake, Young Thug, Future and Kendrick Lamar have helped Ike find his own lane in Hip-Hop, and ‘Trunks’ is the ultimate proof for that. 

LA-based Rapper Jonni Apollo Dedicated New Single “Afieroméni Stin” To His Daughter

LA-based rapper Jonni Apollo has just dropped new music. His latest project takes the form of a powerful single dedicated to his daughter and titled “Afieroméni Stin.” The song starts off with a slow paced instrumental that instantly sets the tone and mood of the track, but as Jonni is well known for, he quickly enters with his heavy hitting flow and deeply meaningful lyrics. A tribute to his daughter and the love he has for her, “Afieroméni Stin,” is one of those joints that you can play on repeat all day long, and despite its many differences and distinct style, it reminds us of Eminem’s “Hailie’s Song,” as both rapper have created a smoother than usual track dedicated to their daughters. Brilliant!


Cam Cash Shares New Fire Single & Visuals For ‘Stunning’

Cam Cash is taking the industry by the storm with his latest successful work ‘Stunning.’ On the track he proves his talent and drops hot lines on a dope bouncy beat. Our homie knows what’s up and throws silky punches and sharp flow. 

The music video for ‘Stunning’  mirrors the story he shares on the track. Cam Cash describes a relationship with a girl he’s into, and while he delivers his performance she returns the attraction. The visuals showcase some great cuts, stylish aesthetics, and channel a fire vibe as Cam Cash acts it all on point. 

Stream ‘Stunning’ On Spotify: 


Check Out Music Video For ‘Stunning’