Anybody Killa – “Smoke That Up” (EP Review)

This is the 10th EP from Detroit veteran Anybody Killa. Coming up as a member of the Krazy Klan with his childhood friend Lavel, it wouldn’t be until 2000 when the Native Funk dropped his official solo debut Rain from the Sun. 2 years later, he made his big break in the underground when the Insane Clown Posse signed him to Psychopathic Records & released his sophomore album Hatchet Warrior to universal acclaim amongst the juggalos. This was followed up in 2004 with Dirty History & the debut EP Road Fools a year after, but ABK decided to form his own label Native World Inc. in 2006 & he even left Psychopathic temporarily so he could focus on building his own brand. His 2008 comeback Mudface ended up being a total mess on all fronts, but he would eventually team up with Brian Kuma in 2010 to make up for it with Medicine Bag. Then after a 9-year hiatus, ABK left Psychopathic to focus on Native World once again & put out a party-themed comeback album Tampon Juice to mixed responses. But as he’s currently prepping up A.B.K. (Always Bringing Knowledge) & supposedly Shapeshifter, Killa is celebrating 4/20 by putting out Smoke That Up produced entirely by DJ Hazey.

“Pre-Session” is a short, bass-heavy introduction warming up the listener for what’s to come where’s the next song “Smoking In Common” goes into a more g-funk direction sound-wise as ABK dedicates this to all the like-minded tokers out there. The title track is a synth-laced banger encouraging listeners to light one up & then “We Smoking” is a more groovy, melodic cut about wanting them to leave him be as he gets high.

I know this is just a 4/20-themed EP, but I actually like it more than Tampon Juice & has me looking forward to A.B.K. (Always Bringing Knowledge) whenever that album comes out. DJ Hazey’s production is some of the best I’ve ever heard from him & the playful vibes that ABK delivers in his performances have improved.

Score: 7/10

Virginia’s RARI Shares Hot New Song “For The Love”

Lyrically, right now, Virginia’s RARI is one of the brightest new artists in Hip-Hop. After his previously released single “Not What It Seems” went a successful campaign run in 2020, people believed and anticipated what’s next from the new star. Today, we get that in the new single, titled, “For The Love.” Entering the 2nd quarter, RARI prepares for an exciting summer that expects a full-length celebration.

On “For The Love,” RARI tells the harsh and dangerous reality of his Portsmouth stomping grounds. Narrating the hustle, the thrills, the struggles and the troubles, but when its all said and done, he wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. For the new song, RARI links with another great producer in Masi The Producer.

Here’s what RARI had to say about the making of the latest single: “I linked up with the homie Masi The Producer and noticed his sound was different. We always planned to work and as two Virginia creatives we knew we couldn’t go wrong.”

Originally arriving on the radar in 2016, RARI has been steadily building a buzz that has reached a fever pitch this year. Weathering the rise with big productions and co-signs, RARI is a rare breed of new artists that create their own styles from obscurity and gain regional popularity that spreads like wildfire. What comes next from the rising star is nothing short of incredible, and now is the perfect time to start following his sound.

Check out RARI’s new single below and, for more, follow the rising star on Instagram.

Houston’s Cam Wallace Drop Motown First ‘6Rings’ EP

Last week was a huge milestone for Houston recording artist, Cam Wallace. It was announced last Wednesday, Wallace signed a deal with Motown Records, the legendary recording home of Ne-Yo, The Temptations and Migos. Today, Cam digs into his bag and re-releases his EP, 6Rings, for a newfound audience.

Including the Motown debut, “Retail,” Cam Wallace resurfaces his previous release to generate attention for his forthcoming album coming 2021 on the major label. And with the re-release, Cam Wallace adds a cherry on top with the release of his latest visual for the album-cut “All The Way.” The new video crafted a simple self-encouragement exercise for the passionate perfectionist. Shown as a commercial, Wallace brings the song’s motivational mantra to life and showcases his healthy lifestyle.

Cam on the making of “All The Way”:

“All the way is literally a self-directed pep talk. It’s as simple as me telling myself (and now the listeners) that no matter what you’re doing mentally or physically, go all the way in. Crush your goals. The moment when it feels like you’re about to quit, that’s when you crank it up even more!”

Cam and Motown were very excited to announce his signing and received praise for the label’s top executives. “Cam is a once-in-a-lifetime talent that raps, sings, produces, engineers, mixes at a high quality,” said Vice President of A&R – Motown – Shawn Barron in a statement.

Cam Wallace is currently in album mode for his anticipated 2021 debut. For more on the process and Cam, follow him on Instagram.

Watch “All The Way” above. The six-song project can be heard in its entirety below via Create Music.


Devante is a Charlotte recording artist with a versatile style and smooth music. Today, he continues to add to his long-running collaboration with producer Aw$ten, with the new single “7 Days.” For the lyrics, Devante raps about not taking a single moment for granted. To the rising star, the grind doesn’t stop. 

“Everyday’s a privilege talking 7 days a week,” says Devante on the song’s concept.

Devante and Aw$ten have been cranking out dope music since the two met in college.  Devante on working with the producer, “Know that it’s a hit when me and Awsten On the Beat.”

“7 Days” round out Devante’s breakout 2020 which spawned hit songs “Lemonade,” “Don’t Panic” and “Benz Jeep.”  All the music is leading up to an expected album, slated for 2021 on his own imprint. For daily updates on the process, follow Devante on social media.

Press play on “7 Days” now. 

E Bleu Rides The Late Show In New “3AM” Music Video

E Bleu is ascending to superstar status in 2021 after a huge surge last year. After solidifying himself with collaborations with Eric Bellinger, Kap G and 24HRS, he crafts his own popularity with breakout songs “Me Time,” “Sit Right” and “Action.” Now, he prepares for a full-length release with the drop of his new visual to the lead single “3AM.”

An easy ride, directed by Keanu Livigni, E Bleu stars, alongside a beautiful love interest, as a Bonnie and Clyde situation, the two ride through the city lights and embark on a seductive joyride. A known night owl, E Bleu credits the song’s influence to his insomnia. He explains:

“I’ve always been a night owl. The energy at night is just different to me. I remember being in an Uber on the way home just mentally recapping the night and feeling like it’s somehow a pattern I fall into every night. I got home and recorded it in like 15 min on my kitchen counter at 3AM.”

And with “3AM,” Bleu’s forthcoming effort is slated for a 2021 release. To up-to-date on everything E Bleu, follow the rising star on Instagram.

Take a look at E Bleu’s new visual for “3AM” below. “3AM” is available on 2EZ Recordings.

Nef – “Tebula Rasa” (Album)

NYC based beat-maker Nef just dropped his solo debut “Tabula Rasa” Friday.

As he explains the significance “Tabula Rasa translates to scraped tablet, literally a fresh start. The significance to me is that I went through a really dark period growing up and was supposed to end up dead or in jail. I was in AA at the age of 17 and struggled with sobriety and finding my place in the world but luckily I kept with it (over twelve years of sobriety as of this year) and beat the odds.”

“Tabula Rasa showcases an all-star lineup of MCs with the likes of TekRas KassG4 JagRome StreetzWais PNemsLil FameMadhattanFastlifeMoochRigzUFO FevEa$y Money and Statik Selektah along with Termanology on the album’s intro.

Purchase / stream Tabula Rasa Here

McGuire is God – “The BlackOut” (Album Review)

Milwaukee, WI own McGuire is God drops a new album titled “The Blackout“. I didn’t know what to expect either a revolutionary album or a lyrical onslaught. Milwaukee is the home to Hip Hop legend like Brother Ali. The vibe fueled by mobilizing hook “I aint getting no sleep till I ball like Kobe” showing the artist hard working persona and drive. The rhythmic flow and delivery is believable I can for sure see the city supporting the artist evolution. “White Lion” is a substance strong song with some very intriguing concept highlighting the spiritual and economical deficit African Americans have faced in this country. So far this album fuses trap and revolutionary overtones.

As the album continues we reach “Test Me” and the I caught distortion within the beat and voices causing conflict with the master. The lyrical content reminded me of Eminem from the later years. The rapid flow with quirky beats doesn’t necessarily compliment the artist. The next song on the album is titled “Act Up” the concept is wild-in out the lyrics visualize the appalling personality of the Ego which rules Hip Hop music from its origin.  A very repetitive song reminding me of the others with a high energy controlled flow. “Do What I Do” is a catchy club song with a bouncy vibrant energy, When it 1st came on I felt the potential this record has in the club and radio market. In this case repetitive won some simplicity is best.

“Now Or Never” is that track everyone can relate to, especially the love and break up overtones. You can hear the confusion and empathy in the lyrics turned toxic. The hooks almost have a signature way of dropping were you can eventually catch on. “Hate” started with strong delivery and convection as the song begins, The Midwest song reminds me of music created in the south. This has been a movement we have seen more lately with artist merging southern and Midwest sonic sounds. “That’s Tuff” was about letting go and how hard it can be at times. This was probably my favorite song on the album substance and lyrical wise. The concept fell right into the lyrics but I would have liked a better ending it was very abrupt. The production was captivating from jump very simple lyrics and again repetitive.

“All right ” sounds just like the downside of the album, the production was very mellow and spacey setting up a heart to heart with Mcguire is God and himself. He continues with his signature delivery he uses throughout the album which can be a make or break in collective of songs. “Tidal Wave”is the single from the album the refreshing vibe shows itself instantly. I can tell the master was worked on with concern showing the amplification of the track. I wish there was a bit more to showcase his writing ability as this album draws to a close. The  album comes to a close with “Make me of break me” This is conceptual my fav song on the album now, The desperado production sets it up for a wild mid west ride ending the album with a melodic overtone. Follow Mcguire is God on social media for news music & Updates.

Rate 6-10

Likes: Energy

Dislikes: Tracks all written in same format