OZ Sparx Is Great “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” In New Video

Lil Dicky, Lil Uzi Vert, State Property, Cassidy and Meek Mill, Pennsylvania has produced some of Hip Hop’s most impactful artists of the new millennium and continues to do so til this day with it’s latest star on the rise, OZ Sparx. Released in October, critics praise Sparx’s new record, Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin as one of the hottest new projects of Fall 2020 Hip Hop. As the project drops hit after hit of Sprax’s catchy wordplay and naturally appealing street persona, he continues to campaign the latest effort with today’s new video, titled, “Dancin Wit Da D3vil”.

Directed by DJ Bey, the new visual stars OZ Sparx as a fearless new street boss ready to accept all challengers coming for the throne. Surrounded by his crew, Sparx bounces around in the freshest designers and high price jewelry with a highly-energetic appeal that today’s hip-hop is addicted to. Sparx is a natural and his popularity is quickly spreading like wildfire as he spreads outside the region like the current pandemic.

In mere months, the former AR-AB-affiliate’s latest effort has become a must-hear in today’s hip-hop. Across the 18-track project includes guest appearances by fellow hot new artists JGreen and 2KBaby. And with the guests, the latest addition spawned buzzworthy songs “Knock,” “YSL” and “Dead Bodies (Diamonds)”. With Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin‘s success, OZ Sparx is a 2021 artist-to-watch.

Join OZ Sparx’s journey today. “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” and the Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin album are available now on all DSPs via EMPIRE/510 Music Group. Along with streaming, follow OZ Sparx on Instagram for daily updates and so much more.

Watch “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” now.

Rome Streetz & Farma Beats – “Kontraband” (Album Review)

This is the brand new project from New York emcee Rome Streetz. Breaking out in 2016 with his debut mixtape 
I Been Thru Mad Shit, he would make his presence in the underground known with following releases like Street Farmacy as well as the Noise Kandy trilogy & my personal favorite: Headcrack. He just dropped an EP earlier this year entitled The Residue & then the 4th installment of his Noise Kandy series back in June but to celebrate his 34th birthday, Rome has reunited with Farma Beats for a sequel to Street Farmacy exclusively on Bandcamp.

The opener “Track Marks” talks about whipping up drugs over an unsettling instrumental whereas the next song “Lick da Toad” talks about being platinum plus over a tense beat. The track “Bucketz” with Daniel Son sees the 2 getting on some exploitation shit over some horns while the song “Mirrors & Smoke” talks about reaching the top over a jazzy beat.

The track “Laced” gets in his storytelling bag over a soulful instrumental while the song “Ghetto Star” declares himself as such over a dismal beat. The track “London Pound Cake” with Radamiz finds the 2 comparing their music to coke over some mischievous synths while the song “Ballad of the Lone Wolf” talks about looking for an outcome from different shit over an earnest beat.

The track “Sinsation” talks about the cash over an uptempo instrumental while the song “Eyes on Fire” with Ransom finds the 2 talking about watching those next to you over some vocal harmonies hanging in the background. The penultimate track “Lucky Stopped Dreaming” comes at his competition over a demented instrumental & then the album ends with “Word 2 Mommy”, where Rome talks about being out to get the world as it turns over a classy beat.

What a way for dude to round out the year. The chemistry between Rome Streetz & Farma Beats is just as dope as it was on Street Farmacy, especially since how much both of these guys have evolved throughout the years. Can’t wait to hear where Rome takes things in 2021.

Score: 7/10

Cellus Hamilton – “Same War” Ft. Brittney Carter (Video)

Atlanta meets Chicago in this lyrical duel of wordsmiths. Cellus Hamilton, an Atlanta Hip Hop artist, has teamed up with Brittney Carter, a smooth lyricist hailing from Chicago, to release one of the most amazing songs of the year. The video, directed by Ty J Davis, captures all of the vibes associated with such a “feel-good” record. As we have all experienced a crazy year, “Same War” is the medicine we didn’t know we needed. The smooth track features production from Temper, and serves as a reminder that good music will always ease your soul. Make sure you stream “Same War” on all platforms.