Kent Jones Is Back & “I Wana” Know Did He Bring The Hits

Platinum recording artist Kent Jones makes a triumphant return today with the release of his brand-new baby-maker called “I Wana”. The Flordia sensation brings the bedroom to the dancefloor with a vibrant and seductive hit produced by the award-winning 808-Ray. Trendy acts Blac Youngsta and Renni Rucci add overloading sexual chemistry from the male and female perspective.

Preparing for his anticipated new project, “I Wana” follows Jones’ January 2020 effort “Counterfeit Realities.” Established a radio-friendly sound in the past with breakout debut, “Don’t Mind.” Kent Jones’ catalog includes a laundry list of a-list acts like Lil Dicky, Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Khaled.

In support of the new single, Kent Jones drops animated artwork featuring all three stars on social media. See it below, Jones has been steadily releasing new music throughout 2020 in preparation for an anticipated project, currently in the works. For daily updates on everything Kent Jones, follow the star on Twitter.

Take a listen to the sexy new song now.

J-Stone Trash Wack 100 On New Zayside Hit, “Neighborhood Hero”

Nipsey Hussle-protege J-Stone and Cash Money West Executive, Wack 100 have been enthralled in a highly-publicized beef for months now which stems from Wack’s TMZ comment, claiming the late-Nipsey Hussle was not a Hip-Hop legend. The comment spawned into a press run and responds by close associates of Nipsey Hussle like Meek Mill, T.I. and of course J-Stone. Today, their beef spews out into the music as J-Stone takes shots at the high-profile manager on his guest verse on the new Zayside single, titled, “Neighborhood Hero.”

On the track, J-Stone defines Wack 100 as a “pretender,” referencing past street situations. He raps, “You still hanging at the park and you be with marks/You be speaking on Nias but you the one runnin’/Nia that shit Wack, that ain’t 100.”

The diss comes on the heels of J-Stone’s latest album, The Definition of Loyalty and ahead of him and fellow All Money In rapper Pac Man Da Gunman’s upcoming collaboration EP, Ground Zero. Before the diss verse, J-Stone and Wack 100 have been slinging disrespectful remarks to one another for months now over social media. Last month, in the Instagram post shown below, J-Stone made a post to Wack 100, explicitly saying, “Wack 100 You A Real Life Bitch.”

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Aye @wack100 you a Bitch in Real Life!! And to keep it all the way 💯 Nigga Nip hopped out on yo ass, got in yo face and pressed you and told you keep his name out yo mouth. You ain’t do shit but break it down to em. Fatts (RIP) was right there bout to knocc yo ass out. You bowed it down! Now since the homie ain’t here, you hard now? Nigga you a 🤡 THE REAL REASON WHY YOU DONT LIKE THE HOMIE IS CAUSE HE MARKED YOU OUT WHEN HE WAS HERE AND YOU AINT DO SHIT!

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Produced by Faiz, “Neighborhood Hero” is the second release from Washington recording artist Zayside. With the track’s progressive message and title, the new star believed it was perfect for someone of J-Stone’s pedigree to co-star due to his affiliations in the streets and deemed to “shake up the world” by Nipsey Hussle-himself.

“I’m glad that I could connect with an artist like J-Stone – that was big for me,” Zayside praised about working with J-Stone. “He and the All Money In camp are big inspirations to many, and the fact that I got the chance to lock in and work with them was an honor, especially as my first big feature. it’ll mean something to me forever.”

The new J-Stone and Zayside, who goes by Zaysidee on Instagram, collaboration endorsed the release of a short documentary on the up-and-coming Seattle recording artist as he transitions from Basketball star to on the verge of Hip-Hop superstardom. Watch it above. “Neighborhood Hero” follows Zayside’s debut, “Caught Up” and prepares the anticipated release of debut project coming late-2020.

Stream the new single below and stream J-Stone’s new album, The Definition of Loyalty, available on all DSPs via All Money In.

New York’s Coconutfam Makes A Name For Himself Worldwide

Introducing Coconutfam, fresh New York recording artist known for unique lyricism and sound, he recently created a buzz with a trio of viral hits in “Gunhill Zone,” “Venus” and “Xantia.” With a new world at his attention, the 21-year-old Bronx-bred sensation makes a critically-acclaimed first impression with his debut release, titled, Go Home Leave Me The Fuck Alone. Led by the lead, “Vanessa,” Coconutfam uses his debut to deliver a candid in-depth look into his past as he prepares for a bright future.

With “Vanessa,” GHLMFA is an eight-track beginning perfect for newly discovered fans and a pivotal moment for grassroots fans. Each track on the new album delivers a unique story that addresses hunger to succeed against all odds, love from both friends and family alike and crafting an undeniable sound that puts him in the same discussions as New York’s most popular artsy.

From beginning to end, Coconutfam is exciting, passionate, unique and refreshing. A radical, the fresh face in Hip-Hop isn’t only creating a new wave for the East Coast but quickly spreading throughout the U.S. And with more great content to arise during this campaign, Coconutfam is promised to be on the top of the charts in no-time.

“This is a project-based off of a cover that was found at a gas station in New Jersey,” Coconutfam says in the press release. “The words ‘Go Home Leave me the fu Alone’ resonates with the feeling of being alone yet Loved at the same time… without leaving the bitterness of Heartbreak and struggle… while still preserving a sense of self-worth. Each song is inspired by various situations with women in my life that have helped mold me into the young strong individual I am up to date. This proves that even a still regular Picture to the naked eye can be found Just as inspiring as a Work of art.”

GHLMFA doesn’t end there. Coconutfam’s journey continues on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter. Go Home Leave Me The Fuck Alone is streaming now on 1A Entertainment.

Create The Culture – “Take Flight” EP

Up and coming Canadian Hip Hop group Create The Culture (4 members – Ace, Pascal, Kaiba, BK Fire) releases their debut 5-track EP titled Create The Culture.  The project has been described by a variety of media outlets as ‘the type of music that gets stuck in your head’.  CTC bring a smooth, original project to the table with songs most people have to credit for being well produced, addictive and emotionally intriguing.

The group stands out from the pack with their unique, refreshing vibe in an industry being saturated with trap music and ‘me-too’ culture. With numbers hitting over 300K in the first few months, and their breakout record ‘Venice’ reaching 200K streams, this group is one to lookout for! Keep your eyes out for ‘Create The Culture’ as they continue their rise in the industry and develop into a force to be reckoned with.

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T.R.3 – “Vices & Devices” Ft. Self Provoked & Jon Swaii (Video)

Rising underground Hip Hop artist T.R.3 returns as he premieres his melodic new single/video titled “Vices & Devices” featuring the legendary Self Provoked, Jon Swaii and produced by SoCal heavyweight Ariano.  Follow him on Instagram @tr3world.

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