Rome Streetz & DJ Muggs – “Death & the Magician” (Album Review)

Rome Streetz is a 34 year old MC from New York who broke out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. This was followed up by a plethora of projects, most notably the Noise Kandy tetralogy & Headcrack. He just dropped a dope project with Farma Beats on his birthday a few months back called Kontraband but as we close out the 2nd month of 2021, Rome is dropping his 5th full-length album produced entirely by DJ Muggs.

After the “6 of Cups” intro, the first song “Prayers Over Packages” talks about never slacking off over an otherworldly beat whereas the next track “Ace of Swords” talks about getting pieces to the puzzle over a gully instrumental. “The Manuscript” talks about his mind being focused on the money over a glum beat while the song “High Explosive” compares himself to a bomb over some horns.

The track “Zig Zag Zig” with Knowledge the Pirate finds the 2 talking about putting bitches in their place over a violin-tinged beat while the song “Stone Cold Soul” talks about clapping shit over a macabre instrumental. “The Devil’s Chord” talks about how the nights where he had nothing we’re eating him up inside over some ghoulish keyboard melodies & the sound of winds gusting by while the track “Shooting at the Dance Hall” gets on some disrespectful shit lyrically on top of a native-flavored beat for lack of a better term.

The song “Wheel of Fortune” talks about moving in silence over a Bollywood style instrumental while the track “Horn & Halo” with Rigz sees the duo talking about being conflicted since birth over a guitar & some eerie background vocals. The closer “Fly Obnoxious” talks about going all out for his rep over an malevolent boom bap beat & then the bonus cut “Fuck You Know About Me?” talks about preferring fetti over fame over some jazzy horns.

I’ve always said that Headcrack is Rome’s magnum opus, but Death & the Magician is even better. The way he continues to put words together (especially multi-syllable rhyme patterns) is like no other & it’s really cool to hear Muggs providing a wide range of sounds for him.

Score: 9/10

Scum – “Dying World Chroniclez: Grey Skiez” (Album Review)

Scum is a 40 year old rapper from Denver, Colorado known for being the founder of the seminal horrorcore label Lyrikal Snuff Productionz. He’s gone on to release 11 albums on his own, the previous being the double-disc Out with the Old that came out this past summer. But just about 7 months later, the Gorefather is returning once more for his 12th full-length album.

After the intro, the title track that truly kicks the album off talks about Hell awaiting over a frightful instrumental whereas the next song “New Day” with Lex the Hex Master sees the 2 giving their take on the saying “out with the old, in with the new” over an oracular trap beat. The track “This Right Here” talks about repping LSP over a villainous boom bap beat while the song “When It Rains” with Smallz One finds the 2 talking about spraying rounds over a bleak yet abrasive trap instrumental.

“Tha Hit” vividly details whacking someone over some weighty strings while the track “Body Parts” by M.M.M.F.D. talks about dismemberment over a slow, wintry beat. The song “Stress” talks about insanity over a deranged instrumental while the track “Look Around” by Lobotomy talks about the fall of an empire over a apocalyptic trap beat.

The song “Downfall” talks about how fucking with LSP will be the end of you over a nocturnal trap instrumental while the penultimate track “24” with Death+ finds the 2 talking about having fucked up thoughts 24/7 365 over an uncanny beat. The album finishes off with “Story’s End”, where Scum talks about how you’re going to meet your maker over a cinematic instrumental.

This is a pretty dope album & I’m looking forward to hearing how the other installments of the Dyin’ World Chroniclez turn out to be. The lyrics is as gruesome as it was on his debut 18 years ago & his production choices just keep getting rawer with each project he puts out.

Score: 7/10

Elcamino & TrickyTrippz – “On the 3rd Day” (EP Review)

This is the 10th EP from Buffalo emcee Elcamino. Blowing up in 2017 off his self-titled EP with Griselda Records, his profile increasingly grew after being followed up by Walking on Water mixtape in the summer of 2018 along with dropped 2 studio albums & a few EPs the year after that. But after dropping 3 EPs in 2020, he’s teaming up with German producer TrickyTrippz for On the 3rd Day.

“The Deal” that kicks the whole EP off talks about his boys catching their first bodies & filling his book-bags with Ben Franks over a sorrowful instrumental whereas the next track “40 Belows” talks about doing the most over a supernatural-sounding beat. The song “Extra Baggage” talks about keeping an automatic on him over an instrumental with a dope orchestral sample while the track “I’m the Blame” sings about losing all his money to the dope game over a dramatic beat.

The song “Door Steps” talks about making a killing off crack over a boom bap instrumental with some luxurious keyboard melodies while the track “Stainless Steel” reflects on his past & talks about where he is now over a glum beat. The song “Grimey” advises the listener to leading their life over a cinematic instrumental while the penultimate track “Paying Taxes” talks about rising from the bottom of the pit over a rich beat. The EP finishes off with “Still Remember”, where Elcamino talks about how you wouldn’t believe half the shit he’s done over a bare soul sample.

I wouldn’t be surprised if dude has a few more projects coming down the pipe later on in the year, but this is a solid way to kick it all off. TrickyTrippz comes correct behind the boards & his production is done justice with the help of Elcamino’s unfiltered street tales.

Score: 7/10

Yung Pooda Grabs Dreamdoll For “Chicken N Grits” Video

Today, rising star Yung Pooda releases the visual presentation to his new hit “Chicken N Grits” featuring Dreamdoll. In preparation for an anticipated 2021 album, Pooda plays an ambitious cook in the Mokablu-directed video with dreams of leveling up but first, must deal with refund-demanding disgruntle customers. At the home of the big booty, Pooda is surrounded by voluptuous co-workers but comes face-to-face with the face of the moniker in an extremely angry Dreamdoll, who comes in barking orders, demanding compensation, taking the crown of Miss Big Booty Chick.

The chemistry between Pooda and Dreamdoll is electric. Fans will be obsessed with the collaboration and demand more between the two in the near future — possibly a collaboration album. Yung Pooda released three new singles in 2020, including “Chicken N Grits.” All in preparation of a full-length album, currently in the works, expected for a Summer 2021 release. “Chicken N Grits” is produced by Mid Jordan.

After the view, continue following Yung Pooda daily on Instagram. “Chicken N Grits” is available now via 10 Records/EMPIRE. Dreamdoll appears on the song via District 18.

Watch the full video for “Chicken N Grits” below.

Young Drummer Boy Drops “No Comparison” Album

Southern California’s Young Drummer Boy has released his latest project “No Comparison” via his newly formed independent label High Forever the Label. With features from Drakeo the Ruler on the focus track “Quit Playin” and $tupid Young, this project is another level-up for the Pomona, CA born and raised rapper.

I’ve been doing music for a few years now and I’ve set myself apart in the rap game with my consistency and growth. I was very intentional when creating records because I wanted to show more diversity through the beat selection. Me and my producer One Hundred recorded 21 songs in a week & then choose the best 14 to make this album. We chose the title No Comparison because it speaks to the feel of the album.

Orlando’s SVRITE Shares “Boost” Single

Alternative Orlando trap star, SVRITE, returns to the limelight with reintroduced single, titled, “Boost.” A rework of the popular Kodak Black single “Calling My Spirit,” SVRITE’s latest single is a familiar aggressive style to fans, but an elevation of star power and lyricism for the newly discovered fans. For SVRITE, “Boost” is an idea original created three years ago and the first of new music coming from the new artist-to-watch of 2021.

“The original BOOST freestyle was a song I dropped in 2018 on Soundcloud over a Kodak Black instrumental,” said SVRITE.”It signified the start of me making music that directly reflected what I was experiencing in life. Last year, I was working on a track called ‘Pissed Off’ with my producer Twiist about a woman who pushed me off the deep end. Around the same time fans started flooding the comments on my life after I previewed the original. As a thank you for all the support they have given me in the past, I decided to release this studio quality version.”

“Boost” is a standout moment in the new artist’s career and today is best time for you to become a fan. Follow SVRITE on Instagram. “Boost” will appear on SVRITE’s upcoming album, currently untitled, coming 2021. The new song is available everywhere via Star Entourage.

Stream “Boost” below.