Willie The Kid & V Don – “Deutsche Marks 2” (Album)

With a handful of projects from both artists still in rotation this year, Willie The Kid & V Don linked back up to rekindle their chemistry for “Deutsche Marks 2“, produced in it’s entirety by V Don and features guest appearances from Eto, Vado, Flee Lord & Jai Black.

Twiztid – “Revelashen” (Album Review)

Twiztid is a hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan consisting of Jamie Madrox & Monoxide, both of whom got their start alongside The R.O.C. as part of the trio House of Krazees throughout the early/mid 90’s. After their initial disbandment in 1997, the Insane Clown Posse almost immediately took Twiztid under their wings & signed them Psychopathic Records. But at the end of 2012, the demented duo decided to branch out on their own & started up their own record label Majik Ninja Entertainment just a couple years after. They’ve released a few outings on their own since, with the latest being Mad Season back in April of this year. However, Jamie & Monoxide have decided to go back-to-back & drop their 14th full-length album.

The album starts off with “Hallelujah”, where Twiztid talks about the game being fake over over bass-heavy trap beat. The next song “Blueprint” talks about going back to their old ways over an ominous instrumental while the track “We Just Wanna Be Heard” literally speaks for itself over an apocalyptic beat. The song “Get Through the Day” talks about wanting their pain to be taken away over an instrumental a flute in the background & a heavy guitar during the hook while the track “Come Alive” with Kid Bookie sees the 3 talking about living every day like they don’t see the sunlight over a trap beat with blobby bass.

The song “Clear” takes aim at those biting them over an instrumental with a pots & pans loop while the song “Hold Up” with Young Wicked finds the trio talking about pushing it ‘til the wheels fall off over a tropical trap beat. The song “Separate” talks about escapism over an instrumental that continues to build up while the track “Twinz” gets on their shit-talking tip over a boom bap beat with some chimes.

The song “Laughable” with Lex the Hex Master sees the 3 talking about how “one of us has to go & no it won’t be me” over an instrumental with some angelic background vocals while the penultimate track “Change Me” talks about striving to become the person you want to be over an acoustic instrumental. The closer “Never Be Nothing” talks about being misunderstood then over a trap beat with some somber piano chords.

Not only is this better than Mad Season, but I’ll also say that this is Twiztid’s best album post-Psychopathic. It all flows together so well as the lyrical subject matter has a touching, more serious tone to them & the production only enhances the emotion of each joint.

Score: 8/10

Elcamino & 38 Spesh – “Sacred Psalms” (EP Review)

Elcamino is a 26 year old MC from Buffalo, New York who blew up in late 2017 when he dropped his self-titled EP with Griselda Records. This was followed up by his Walking on Water mixtape in the summer of 2018 along with dropped 2 studio albums & a few EPs last year. He just dropped an dope EP produced by 38 Spesh back in February called Martyr’s Prayer & now as we start the 4th quarter of the year, he & Spesh are back for another one.

The opener “Hammers on the Hip” talks about being strapped over a glistening instrumental whereas “The Avenue” horrendously sings about what it’s like on his block over a slow, dreary beat. The track “Hold U Up” continues to sing poorly (this time on some gang shit) over a gloomy instrumental while the song “Don’t Know” hops back on the rapping tip to boast over a slick beat.

The track “Hustle Like Me” talks about his grind over a woodwind-infused instrumental while the song “What I Be On” talks about being rich over a boom bap beat with some synth-horns. The penultimate track “Camino Season” talks about taking over the rap game over an instrumental with a funky bass-line & some synth-chords whereas the outro is a decent remix to “If You Want It” off the Trust Army’s sophomore album Army of Trust II.

I prefer Martyr’s Prayer of the 2, but this is still a solid effort nonetheless. 38 Spesh comes through with consistent production once again & Camino sounds like he took his time on it in contrast to a some of his latest material.

Score: 7/10

Profound – “The Prescription” (Beat Tape)

Los Angeles based underground Hip Hop MC/PRODUCER Profound of Non-Combatants releases his new highly-anticipated beat tape titled “The Prescription“, packed with 20 full-length original boombap Hip Hop instrumentals free to download exclusively on Soundcloud.  Follow him on Instagram @profoundgraphics.

Profound Step Down · The Prescription

Struggle Mike – “Progress” (Album Review)

Struggle Mike , owner of Stuggle Clothing, from  Buffalo New York releases a compilation album featuring multiple local indie artists who have cross paths with him and his business called “Progress”. The dystopia style cover art was intriguing from my 1st glance, I was excited to pill the plastic back (Figure of speech) and digest the album fully. The Introduction was chilling, it starts with a reporter explaining the current state of the world and how its effecting  Mexico during Covid Pandemic . What I love about albums who display real worldly settings is it now becomes part of the fans listening timeline.

The 1st track on the album is titled “Loyalty” Feat China Mac, Rick Hyde, GoToMar$, The production sets up the push lines as you get a boombap Hip-Hop vibe. You can appreciate the quality sound as it begins to grow on you. China Mac Coming off a 2020 album called “Viral” adding to his growing catalog.
The album continues with “Like Me” featuring the legend himself Beanie Sigel, Speedie Da Icon & Stretchdotcom.
The gritty raw vibe was perfect for Beanie as he gave his his classic persona setting the tone for this track. The delivery begins to become mono as the song goes on the downside, I would have like to hear more rawness with this collaboration with Beanie Sigel. Another stand out tack along the way was “Teach” Feat Rick Hyde, Stalley & Smoke Bulga. It begins with a Malcolm X clip talking about the importance of protecting yourself.
This has to be my favorite song so far as sonically it resonates. I love the substance behind the record even the difference in style by each artist giving it more life and dimensions. Stalley comes hard as usual with all bars showing why he is still tops in the underground. The Title is on point as it does exactly that with out being overly preachy. “Out The Frame” By Speedie Da Icon also caught my ear as it reminded me of a late great ODB. The aggressive style brought out the irrelevant sounding production. No hook just bars all the way through I got the visual of a mad scientist just letting off bombs.
“God Flow” Feat Fred Godson & Boons is just that as Godson sets the tone with a lyrical nuclear. We defiantly miss the the late rapper and glad to have gems like this to discover on the way. I spoke to soon as “God flow is now my fav on the album so far. I can see a Magical video for this highlighting the transition of Fred the Godson would be highly interesting.
“Dark Times” was gruesome with a  lyrical onslaught feat Spidergod & Del Haze . We are familiar with works from Del Haze as this is another tally for a highly consistent artist. The sonic wave is video worthy as it automaticlly buts visuals in your psyche.“Mirrors” was magically I loved the hook and verses by Kalah Bishop she mad it believable and rockable. I can see this song in film and tv very introspective and reflective. If there was one thing I can see potential in is her delivery it will enhance over time and she will be a dangerous artist.
Rate 8.5 out of 10

Force 5 Records – “The Ruckus Mixtape, Vol. 2” (Mixtape Review)

Force 5 Records is a Milwaukee based hip hop record label founded in 2002 by The DRP. However, it wasn’t until 2017 after returning from a 3-4 year hiatus where the label became the powerhouse that it is today by bringing a handful of big underground names on board from Bay Area horrorcore veteran Mars to the late Saint Dog of Kottonmouth Kings fame. They put out a showcase mixtape that same year called The Ruckus Mixtape but as Force 5’s roster continues to grow over time, it’s only right for them to drop a sequel.

After the intro, we get into the first song “$1,000 Quartet”. Which is pretty much The DRP, Jaysin Logik, Prolifik & Rick Dogg spitting over the instrumental of Gang Starr‘s “Full Clip” for 2 minutes. The next track “Crystal Meth” by Danny Diablo, The DRP, Jaysin Logik, Prolifik & Skribbal sees the 5 comparing their bars to drugs over a beat that I can kinda picture hearing on a Jedi Mind Tricks album while the song “Fuck Fame” by Big Left, The DRP & Jaysin Logik talks about living this shit over a heavy boom bap instrumental. The track “It’s a Revolution” by Danny Diablo, The DRP, Jaysin Logik, King Relik & Prolifik calls to end killing & violence over a futuristic beat while the song “Intelligence” by Jaysin Logik & Prolifik finds the duo spitting food for thought over an instrumental with a vintage feel to it.

The track “Charut” by Danny Diablo & The DRP is a invigorating moshpit anthem with an eerie trap beat while the song “One” is a Jaysin Logik solo cut about feeling empty over a piano & some fast-tempo drums. The track “Murderific” is a King Relik solo cut getting on the horrorcore tip over some funky bass & string sections while the song “Get Up 2020” by Prolifik & Rick Dogg is a fun, rap-rock flavored party starter.

The track “Make It Look Easy” by Big Hoss & Danny Diablo finds the 2 talking about being the illest in the underground over a victorious beat while the song “Cudahy Girl” is a Rick Dogg solo cut getting flirtatious over a country flavored instrumental. The track “Pervert” is a Prolifik solo cut that perfectly lives up to it’s name as he rocks it over a jazzy beat while the song “Dem Hoes 2020” by The DRP, R.A. the Rugged Man & Skribbal goes in detail as to how fine these certain group of hoes are over a grimy instrumental.

The track “Fuck Rick Dogg” is a 45 second, rock-tinged King Relik solo cut where he jokingly takes shots at Rick  while the song “How You Like Me Now?” is a DRP solo cut about being the best MC on his block over a dusty boom bap beat. The penultimate track “Like You Do” is a dope leftover from Saint Dog’s final album Bozo discussing this woman in his life being heaven sent over an instrumental with some prominent bells whereas the closer “Walk the Walk” finds The DRP teaming up with the The Night Crawlers to take aim at the mainstream over a deranged beat.

I think Force 5 Records has been killing in the underground for a while now & if anyone reading this review is looking to get into them, this tape isn’t a bad place to start at all. Every signee they have to offer sticks out in their own unique way & the amount of diversity in the production is sweet too. I’m really looking forward to watching the label grow from hereon out.

Score: 7/10

Visionaries Are Officially Back With Their New Album, “V”

A few days have passed since the new full-length release of “V” by the Visionaries, even though the title of this post says they are officially back, after listening to this project front to back it kind of seems like the legendary Los Angeles Hip Hop group never left the game. As true L.A. underground heads who grew up listening to their music, following all the emcees in the Visionaries since their debut 1998 album “Galleries”, along with The Beat Junkies, it’s good to see Key-Kool, LMNO, DJ Rhettmatic, Dannu, Lord Zen, 2Mex, and Lord Zen back in action as a collective in 2020.

Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild – “Sinners & Saints” (Album Review)

Rasheed Chappell is a 44 year old MC from Passaic, New Jersey who’s been making music for a little over a decade now. He just dropped an EP produced by 38 Spesh this past spring called Ways & Means but to follow it up, Rasheed is enlisting Buckwild for his 3rd full-length album.

The opener “Tour Bus” with Che Noir & 38 Spesh finds the trio comparing Trust Gang to the Wu over a piano instrumental whereas the title track is essentially Shannell Griggs rapping from a penitentiary phone line. The song “Rock Bottom” with Ransom sees the 2 talking about the struggle over a melancholic instrumental while the track “Mass Media” takes a jab at news outlets over a boom bap beat with a sample kin to “#OkBye” off of KXNG CROOKED’s 2011 EP Million Dollar $tory.

The song “Crime & Punishment” talks about never letting down over a harp-inflicted instrumental while the track “Bredren” with Planet Asia sees the 2 flexing their prowesses over a soulful beat. The song “Dyckman” with The Musalini finds the 2 getting romantic over an instrumental with some beautiful vocal harmonies & after the “Post Game” skit, “The Blue Hood” tells the story of a corrupt cop over some demonic string sections. The penultimate track “C.E.O. Shug” talks about how “everybody can’t go” over a glistening beat & then closer “Black Owned” talks about doing it himself over a grim instrumental.

Personally, I think this is Rasheed’s finest body of work to date. The concepts that he brings to the table all come in together like an audio documentary series as Buckwild provides him with some suiting soundscapes.

Score: 7/10