Did Nicki Minaj Steal Remy Ma’s Best Friend?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj isn’t playing fair! Did Nicki Minaj Steal Remy Ma’s Best Friend?

Out all the people in the world, how did Nicki end up all buddy buddy with Remy Ma’s ex-best friend, Rah Ali?!

As you know Nicki already took some shots at Remy when she rapped that she came f the operating table failing to look as good as Rah on her “ShETHER” response track called “No Frauds”.

Nicki knows she is petty as hell for posting a pic with Rah, but now it’s seems clear that Meek Mill wasn’t the only one spilling the beans.

Rah took to social media to let everyone know that it’s not as deep as it appears though.

Rah says that the inseparable bond that her and Remy once shared ended long ago. She says that despite what it looks like, she isn’t working with Nicki to be spiteful or to get back at Remy.

Rah also claims that she and Nicki were friends long before Nicki and Remy’s beef unfolded. While this may be true, idc idc, they both know they were being petty by posting this photo.

Dang…. when your best friend switches sides!

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