Does Cassidy Believe He’s Better Than Drake & Kanye West!

Does Cassidy Believe He’s Better Than Drake & Kanye West!(AllHipHop Rumors) One thing that Cassidy has never lacked is confidence!

Cassidy has made it clear that he is not here for the new generation garbage mumble rappers. He’s also not here for the artists that use ghostwriters.

Although Cassidy expresses that ghostwriting isn’t a novel thing in Hip Hop, he still feels like you can’t be a top rapper if you use a ghostwriter.

Cassidy recently sat down with DJ Vlad and let it be known that Drake and Kanye West couldn’t be on his Top 10 list if he had one] because they don’t write all their own rhymes.

What’s hilarious is the fact that Cassidy said some these cats have ghostwriters but still end up with trash bars!

When asked if he would put Ye and Drake in his top 10 Cassidy replied by saying,

Wait so is Cassidy saying he’s better than Drake and Kanye? Is he? Is he that nice? What are your thoughts?

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