Does Future Make Low Quality Music?

Does Future Make Low Quality Music?(AllHipHop Rumors) At times I like how controversial and opinionated Joe Budden is! Sometimes he’s right; sometimes he’s on to something! LOL.

As you know, Complex, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks have joined forces for their ‘Everyday Struggle’ series that has Joe and Ak square f on all things Hip Hop and pop culture.

Budden is never one to bite his tongue, and he has a way ruffling feathers his fellow rappers at times. On one the latest segments, Joe Budden says that Future makes low quality music.

Despite Future’s successful run over the last few years, the Atlanta rapper has faced much criticism for having trash mumble rap music that happens to feature catchy phrases and or solid production.

It’s time to tell the truth! Did Joe Budden lie though? Nah he didn’t. Future has given us plenty songs to turn up to, ride around in the car to, quote, and add to our social media moments, but none it has been high quality. He’s certainly top tier mumble rap though.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Joe?

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