Tyga Accused Of Dodging Medical Bills After Light Stand Falls on Fan

Embattled rapper Tyga has found himself in another legal mess after reportedly failing to compensate a woman injured at a gig.

Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s company Tyga Music in 2015 after a light stand fell on her during one the rap star’s shows in Michigan.

She scored victory last year, when a judge awarded her over $230,000 for head trauma and permanent scarring she endured following the accident.

But almost a year later, Tyga Music bosses haven’t paid up, and now Riekena has filed documents to force the rapper to pay up.

Due to interest, the amount he owes is now over $248,500.

News the new legal drama comes hours after Tyga was handcuffed by police ficers on Wednesday morning (April 12) for allegedly driving a vehicle without proper license plates.

The 27-year-old was reportedly leaving the Avenue nightclub in Hollywood in his new custom Mercedes G-Series SUV when he was pulled over by police ficers for having paper license plates.

Video footage shows Tyga, real name Michael Ray Stevenson, speaking with police ficers through the window the vehicle before voluntarily leaving the car. He was then guided to the police car by an ficer and handcuffed before being placed in the rear the vehicle.

In the state California, it became illegal to drive without proper plates last year.

He was reportedly taken down to a police station and released 90 minutes later. He left with a citation.

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