Lud Foe "Recuperate" Video

Lud Foe shares the video for "Recuperate," f his new "#GetWellFoe" tape.

On March 5, rising Chicago rapper Lud Foe got into a nearly fatal car accident with an 18-wheeler, sustaining a broken jaw as well as other injuries. A new mixtape, #GetWellFoe, arrived a few weeks later. Though the status Foe's recovery is unclear, #GetWellFoe is his way letting his fans know that he'll keep feeding them until his jaw is ready for the mic again. And he's already back with the music video for #GetWellFoe's "Recuperate." 

The new video, filmed before the life-threatening crash, shows Foe running through Chicago, shutting down clubs and spreading his name throughout his hometown streets. What a menace he'll be when he's had time to "Recuperate." 

Download #GetWellFoe here.