Everything We Learned From Cam’ron’s Live Stream About Jim Jones Beef

Everything We Learned From Cam'ron's Live Stream About Jim Jones Beef
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The latest rap feud to capture the attention the rap world is the ongoing war words between Dipset founders Cam’ron and Jim Jones, with both sides airing their grievances and giving a glimpse into the inner workings their relationship. With the bad blood between the two boiling over after the two sent shots at each other throughout 2016, Cam and Jim have continued to extend their back and forth into 2017, and the whole ordeal has the hip-hop community talking.

Jim Jones first set f the firestorm after announcing his new partnership with former rival Jay Z’s Roc Nation, stopping by Hot 97 to chat with Funkmaster Flex about his issues with his former friend, which date back to the mid-aughts. The interview, which lasted for more than an hour, included a slew allegations and revelations that caught many fans the Dipset collective f guard. Among Jim Jones’ claims was his displeasure with Cam’ron’s leadership regarding the Dipset crew and his lack support in his own endeavors.

The “Ballin’” rapper also alleged that he felt betrayed by Cam’ron and that he felt his former partner failed to show reciprocation for all he had done to protect him from harm throughout the years. But one the more intriguing tidbits was Jones revealing that despite his title, he never had a stake in ownership in the Diplomats brand.

With the hip-hop community abuzz about Jim Jones’ statements, Cam’ron quickly announced his plans to tell his side the story, which he did on Feb. 11 Instagram Live. XXL compiles a few the more interesting things we learned from Cam’ron’s lengthy chat.

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