Tyrone – Blow your horn

Tyrone, one of the most inspirational pop musicians to come around for awhile, not only has his newest release “All Night” out, but you can catch a glimpse into one of his most personal songs he has ever written: “Blow Your Horn”. Dedicated to his grandfather, you can really hear the love for his family interlaced within the snippet of the song. The musical inspirations he uses are nothing but inspiring and sincere and his musical talents range from being able to make people dance and feel like partying all night, as you’ll hear with his hit single All Night, to his emotionally stirring songs such as Blow Your Horn. Be sure to approach his music with a willing and open ear as you’ll be blown away by his musical variance. The soft lulls in his voice to the melodic tones can entice anyone into a mood to dance.

As this artist becomes a bigger household name be sure to keep in touch and up to date with him on all his up and coming shows and his new musical ventures. Tyrone is going to be a memorable name, so be sure to stay in touch with him and his progression.


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