50 Cent Blasts Def Jam Regarding Jeremih’s “Late Nights: The Album” Release

Jeremih released his first album since 2010. More News On HipHopDX

50 Cent took to Instagram yesterday (December 5) to decry Def Jam's treatment of Jeremih with the release of his third LP, Late Nights: The Album, which came out Friday (December 4).

"What Def Jam has done to Jeremih is so foul," the G-Unit rapper writes under a caption of a picture of the Chicago singer. "They have dropped the ball in so many ways. They have his Album out at $18.99 I have never seen a album priced that high in 5 years. SMH STUPID MOTHERFU?KERS."

Best Buy has the album listed at this price. iTunes is selling the digital album for $9.99. The project could not be found at Target's online store.

Late Nights: The Album is Jeremih's first studio album since 2010's All About You, which features 50 Cent on the single, "Down On Me."

Jeremih has released a few mixtapes in between the album releases. In an interview with Billboard a year ago, he cited label problems as reasons for the delay in Late Nights' release.

"It's hard when I'm on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West," he said.

He added that personal business, including a custody battle for his son, distracted him from music.

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