Beleaf Shares Lessons “In Fatherhood” On New Album

While Beleaf’s platform started out from music, he has since expanded his reach with his Beleaf in Fatherhood YouTube series. The storyline had a major event this year as the Baltimore-bred rapper and his wife welcomed their third child — their first daughter — earlier in 2017.

Beleaf culminates all those experiences in his new LP, In Fatherhood, which will be his last album. The project from the King’s Dream Entertainment and Dream Junkies rapper is made up 17 tracks, including the single “No Chill.” Guest features come from Tonyo Cuffee, Sarah Juers, Abiv, Charlie Powers, Gracy, Kyra De’nae and Beleaf’s young sons, known as the Chocolate Babies. Production comes from Anthony Cruz, Erik Kingsley and DSTL.

Check out Beleaf’s In Fatherhood album at iTunes and view the cover art and tracklist below.

Beleaf Shares Lessons “In Fatherhood” On New Album
  1. Intro
  2. Lightweight
  3. No Chill
  4. Graco
  5. Blase’
  6. Plate
  7. God Don’t Make You Crazy (f. Tonyo Cuffee)
  8. Heartbreak (f. Sarah Juers)
  9. Got Someone (f. Squint)
  10. Ain’t This Life Perfect
  11. Activate (f. Charlie Powers)
  12. You’re Okay (f. Abiv)
  13. Tribe (f. Chocolate Babies)
  14. Yvette’s Call
  15. We Gon’ Make It Out (f. Gracy)
  16. Protect Ya’ Life
  17. Baby Daddy (f. Kyra De’nae)