Business, Man & Woman: Jay Z & Beyonce Are Worth $1.16 Billion

New York, NY – Jay Z once said he’s not a businessman; he’s a business, man. As it turns out, his wife is a business too. Forbes calculated Hov and Beyonce’s combined fortune and found that the two are worth $1.16 billion. Yes, billion with a “B.”

The news comes just a week after Jay Z was featured in another edition the Forbes Five list the wealthiest Hip Hop artists. The financial outlet estimated Jay Z’s net worth to be $810 million. He surpassed Dr. Dre on the list for the first time since 2014 but fell short the top spot to Diddy. Puff Daddy’s reign continued with a net worth $820 million.

While Jay Z might be bringing in the big bucks, Beyonce is no slouch herself. The multi-Grammy Award winner has a personal fortune $350 million. She’s also using her wealth for good causes, such as setting up the “Formation” scholarships for young women who are studying creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies at select colleges. In addition, Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation, a nonprit organization he created with his mother, recently partnered with eBay for Charity to help underprivileged youth attend college, according to Billboard.

The charitable endeavors likely won’t stop, seeing Jigga has plenty new capital coming in to work with. He just inked a 10-year deal with Live Nation that is worth $200 million. His streaming service TIDAL also received an influx cash after Sprint purchased 33 percent stake in the company in January.