“You Can Tell,” Palmtree Pyrex has come out with his new single

Southside Atlanta rapper Palmtree Pyrex has dropped yet another successful single, called “You Can Tell.” In this track, the rapper is seen flexing on his haters and celebrating his success, after struggling for a while to make it this far. Every rapper has a story, but the most memorable ones are the ones that people can relate to, and that’s exactly what Palmtree Pyrex is trying to achieve. He wants people to relate to his story, and to understand that with hard work and dedication it is possible to change the unfortunate reality. With a raspy voice, fire bars, and a smooth flow, that Atlanta based rapper is paving his way into fame.


Palmtree Pyrex had developed passion for rap music, and the culture, from a very young age. As a kid, he used to spend countless hours studying the blueprints of the greats that paved the way before him.  Now that his hard work is finally paying off, the MC is getting ready to drop his first 16 track album titled Swear to God.


Make sure you follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with his release dates. The best is yet to come!


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