Chance The Rapper Pens A Super Lovey Dovey Note To His "Oldest & Best Friend" –

Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper looks at his baby mother as much more than just a solid girlfriend. The hip-hop star has hit up social media to explain just how much she means to him.

Chance hopped on Instagram Thursday (May 31) to salute his day one with a slideshow of pics on her birthday.

Last year, Chance made headlines after partnering up with search engine giant Google.

Chance the Rapper made a surprise appearance at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Academy on Wednesday where fifth-grade students were working on a coding activity with Google employees as a part of Computer Science Education Week. The performer, a Chicago native whose real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, is the latest to join a growing national effort to put computers and computer skills in the hands of boys and girls from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Computer science skills such as analytical thinking and creative problem solving are critical for young people who will be hunting for jobs in an increasingly automated society. (10 News)

Google is distributing the $1.5 million to Chance’s SocialWorks and Children First Fund.

The tech giant donated $1 million to the hip hop star’s nonprofit, SocialWorks, which promotes youth empowerment through the arts, education and civic engagement. Google also gave $500,000 to Children First Fund to support computer science programming at CPS. Google officials said the company believes computer science is a critical part of education and helps students and educators develop technical skills for the future. (ABC 7 Chicago)

Throughout 2017, Chance made various school visits to announce major donations.

Late last month, following appearances on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Chance made a surprise appearance at Clark High School, where Jewel-Osco made a $1 million donation to his arts education fund with Chicago Public Schools, the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund. Since March, Chance, who grew up in the city’s Chatham neighborhood and graduated from Jones College Prep, has raised $2.5 million for CPS and has donated $1 million to 20 schools for arts education programs. (Chicago Tribune)