CMR Determination, Creativity And RFC

There are so many videos releases these days it’s hard to keep up with them all.

As you already know, I am a bit of a collector. I love seeking out unique talents, particularly those that are not already overly popular. What’s my fascination with this? Let’s keep it real and admit that creativity lies in the need to always strive for something greater, It’s an urge, an obsession, and with great fame that need/urge weakens. When this happens, creativity also lessons.

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with going mainstream and fame brings its own challenges and greatness, but my so called fascination is without doubt left with discovering the creativity that fuels the journey of the underdog.

Ok enough about me, let’s talk about my new addition to my collection. His name is CMR, or well his artist name anyway.

Recently his music video RFC got my attention. As you know, when something sparks my attention, I always do a background check.

There is a lot written about CMR. The buzz is definitely hyping up. His past is rocky to say the least, and he has overcome a lot of obstacles, more than your average artist, but as I mentioned before, this is also what fuels his urge for music and what feeds his creativity, no doubt.

The music video takes on a few topics which I will let you discover yourself, but the entire track is a hot party scene with powerful and diverse vocals that when combined do the job right. You can really feel CMR’s confidence and the determination in the video. If he keeps it up, the music industry shouldn’t be a challenge for him, especially with what he has already overcome.

Check him out, check out the music video, and make sure to take a note and admire his determination.

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