DJ Mustard Revisits YG Shooting

While appearing on the red carpet for last weekend’s BET Awards, DJ Mustard spoke with MTV News about YG’s upcoming album, as well as the rapper being shot in Los Angeles, California earlier this month.

In regards to the shooting, the West Coast beatsmith revealed that he initially “couldn’t believe it.” He later revealed that he heard about the shooting from a friend and upon hearing about the incident, waited for YG outside of the hospital.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it,” DJ Mustard said. “Shit happens. You know what I’m saying? You just never know what and where it came from. Who knows? But as long as God know. He good and he’s back functioning how he is. He’s blessed. So, it’s cool. He didn’t tell me. One of my homies called me and told me. And we all went to the hospital. Waited outside for him and stuff like that. He was good. So, it was straight…We came from that. Not saying we all got shot. But we came from that. And luckily he made it out of it and it was cool.”

DJ Mustard also shed some light on YG’s upcoming album, Still Krazy. He revealed that he’s not executive producer on the project, but hopes that he has at least one featured track.

“A lot of new production. A lot of new stuff he got going on, but it’s dope,” the producer said while speaking on Still Krazy.

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