DX Digest: Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Plead "Light My Body Up" With David Guetta While G Perico Not Sweating "How You Feel"

Friday (May 5) is finally here and today’s version the DX Digest places Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and David Guetta’s video for “Light My Body Up” on the throne, and G Perico in the second slot keeping it real in his new visual for “How You Feel” from his recently released album, All Blue. Tee Grizzly and Lil Yachty’s collab, “From The D To The A,” T.I.’s short film, Us Or Else, and Los Rakas rowdy night out in “Y.L.S” round out the Top 5. Scroll even further down for a video from THEY., Lil Durk, and REKS as well as singles from Mozzy and Gunplay, and newcomer Trev Case.

David guetta f. nicki minaj & Lil Wayne – “Light My Body Up”

French producer/DJ David Guetta wisely recruited two the biggest mainstream artists for his new single and subsequent video, “Light My Body Up,” which features Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Directed by Benny Boom, the video places Black Barbie front and center looking like a princess while Weezy kicks it tough, rapping with a double cup in his hand. It’s just all in a day’s work. Watch it above.

G Perico – “how you feel”

G Perico reps South Central Los Angeles hard and his latest video for “How You Feel” is no exception. With his heavy G-funk-influenced beats, the young rapper has a firm grasp on the roots gangster rap and where he comes from. His most recent album, All Blue, is out now and can be found here.

tee grizzley f. lil yachty – “from the d to the a”

Tee Grizzley has nabbed Lil Yachty for his latest visual, “From The D To The A,” which finds the pair posted up in front a helicopter as they flex their money, big booty hoes and jewelry. It’s kind hilarious hearing Lil Boat rap over more gangster rap-influenced beats and seems totally f-kilter, but the beat is undeniably hard.

T.i. – “us or else”

After releasing his Us Or Else EP in 2016, T.I. has fered up a supplemental video to the project in the form a 15-minute short film with the same title. Originally aired on BET last month, the video finds Tip Harris playing a few different characters, including a police ficer seemingly stuck between his job and the rising tension surrounding police brutality.

los rakas – “Y.L.S”

Directed by Marlo Custudio, Los Rakas’ new video for “Y.L.S” puts the duo’s bilingual raps proudly on display as they hit the club for a night out on the town. Originally from Panama, the two cousins — Raka Rich and Raka Dun — are currently lighting up the Oakland scene with their fusion Hip Hop, reggae and reggaeton.

THEY. – “Back It Up”

Posted up in a Rolls Royce, the two members THEY. — Dante and Drew — have taken a quick break from touring in support their debut album, Nü Religion: Hyena, to drop a video for “Back It Up,” one the project’s singles. With a little herb and a mystery woman, they give the term “back seat driver” a whole new meaning.

Lil Durk f. TK Kravitz – “What if”

Lil Durk and TK Kravitz reflect on their come ups in the new Joe Moore-directed video for “What If.” The rags to riches story has become all too familiar, but it’s something to clearly celebrate for those who are living it.

Reks – “impression, sunrise”

Since dropping The Greatest X, REKS has been relatively quiet, but has made an energetic return with the new video for “Impression, Sunrise.” Produced by MoSS and Pro Logic, the track is the perfect backdrop for the veteran MC to let his lyrical abilities shine.

Trev Case – “I was broke”

Trev Case looks back on his past on the D. Brooks-produced single, “I Was Broke,” which (as the title suggests) finds the rapper looking back on leaner times. Although he’s relatively unknown, the Bay Area rapper is intent on making a splash this year.

Mozzy & Gunplay – “they know”

Mozzy and Gunplay are back with a fresh single, “They Know,” which is taken from their collaborative album Dreadlocks & Headshots. Much like the single, the project explores the struggle, survival, and ultimately triumph two rappers from opposite coasts.