Former Cowboys Running Back Arrested For Assault On A Law Officer

Joseph Randle started the season as one of the Dallas Cowboys’ featured running backs but then he experienced some off the field issues, including that time he was caught stealing underwear, and the ‘Boys cut him from the team.

His downward spiral continued this week at The Kansas City Star Casino, where he caused a scene after being told to leave for being to drunk. On his way out, Randle reportedly went apeshit on cops, spit on the floor and even assaulted a security officer. 

He was arrested on a plethora of charges including “suspicion of criminal threat, assault on a law officer, battery, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and interference with a law officer.”

From starting running back of the Dallas Cowboys, to stealing underwear, to assaulting security guards at a Kansas City casino. Makes Johnny Manziel look like a saint.


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