French Montana Is Donating His $1 Million Check From Puffy To Charity

French Montana ain't keeping one dollar of Puffy's generous Christmas bonus for himself.

Remy Boy Monty was given an epic Christmas gift by Fetty Wap, in the form of a $140k BMW, but the rapper who received the most valuable present was French Montana, who was given, not a car or a chain, but a check for $1 million by his boss at Bad Boy Records, Sean "Puffy" Combs.

However, TMZ now reports that French is not spending any of the money on himself -- instead, he's re-gifting the entire $1 million to his own charity which he recently started in the South Bronx, founded "to help schools and young kids." 

If the news is true, major props to French for giving such a huge sum to help children in his hometown community. And props to Puffy, too, as the cash ultimately came from his wallet. Below is a photo of French, Puff, and many others posing with the massive seven-figure check. 

Shout out to @iamdiddy for that million dollar gift bonus 🙏 🙌 #happyholidays

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