Future Being Sued By Promoter For Reportedly A No-Show At Concert

Future is being sued by a promoter for a reported no-show at a concert back in 2014.

In cases we wear quite often, Future is being sued by a promoter for reportedly bailing on a show, but there’s always two sides to every story he says.

According to TMZ, promoter Robert Caillier filed a lawsuit against Future claiming he gave Future’s camp an advance of $15,000 for a show back in August of 2014, but Future never showed up, causing him to lose an anticipated $150K profit, plus the 15K advance.

However, Future’s camp has a different side of the story. Sources say Future did show up to the show, performed a song, but was then pulled off stage immediately after management realized the promoter (Caillier) didn’t have the correct payment.

The lawsuit didn’t say how much Future was supposed to get that night in total, but as we just reported the other day, he reportedly gets $150K for a 45-minute set.

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