Google Celebrates Birth Of Hip Hop With Interactive DJ Lesson

In honor Hip Hop’s 44th anniversary, Google recruited a who’s who Hip Hop pioneers to help in crafting a special Doodle, which launched today (August 11).

The Doodle, visible on the Google homepage, features interactive turntables that web-surfing DJs can use to mix a selection records, including George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog,” Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message,” and The Isley Brothers’ “Between The Sheets.”

Prior to taking part in the mixing tutorial, users are greeted with an intro video narrated by former Yo! MTV Raps host Fab 5 Freddy. In the video, Freddy fers some insight into Hip Hop’s anniversary.

“Today we’re celebrating one the most important innovations in Hip Hop music: the break,” an animated Freddy says in the video. “On August 11, 1973, a DJ named Kool Herc threw a Back to School party in the Boogie Down Bronx that changed music as we know it. Using two turntables, he extended the instrumental breaks, allowing people to dance longer … a style that came to be known as breakdancing.”

Fab 5 Freddy expressed excitement for the Doodle on Instagram, writing, “I had fun getting animated for real working on this #BirthHipHop #GoogleDoodle celebrating this cultural force and saluting the DJs who got the party going and flowing.”

In addition to narration by Fab 5 Freddy, the Doodle features a custom logo graphic by noted graffiti artist, Cey Adams. Former Def Jam Records head Lyor Cohen serves as the project’s executive consultant, while Prince Paul serves as Guest Musician.