Here Are 7 Surprising Moments in Jeremih’s Career

Here Are 7 Surprising Moments in Jeremih's Career
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The history R&B is littered with bad boys, but Jeremih isn’t necessarily the first name that comes to mind when you’re thinking them. He’s no Chris Brown and he’s definitely no Bobby Brown, but over the last few years he’s put some serious work into being one the more audacious entertainers in the game today.

Recently, he’s been making headlines for moments that don’t involve his music. Less than a week ago, the “Oui” performer called out PartyNextDoor during a concert in Dallas. The problem: That show was during the Summer’s Over joint tour they’re both on, which caused a rift in their working relationship.

Jeremih airing out a fellow artist isn’t the first time he’s shocked fans, though. A few days before he bashed Party, the Chicago native chucked his microphone to the stage after cursing out the folks responsible for handling the venue’s sound equipment. He went to Twitter to apologize to fans a bit later, but that didn’t erase the shock an outburst that seemed so random.

That’s all pretty wild, but it’s actually somewhat tame compared to other entries in Jeremih’s history brazen behavior. Back in 2014, he was arrested after trying to sneak his way onto an airplane that had already closed its doors. About a month before that, he was arrested for throwing beer at Fuddruckers employees. You get the idea. Today we take a look back at some Jeremih’s wildest moments.


Throws Beer at Fuddruckers Employees



Back in early November 2014, Jeremih and his crew were caught on camera hurling beer bottles at the staff   a Fuddruckers in Billings, MT. Although the singer claimed his actions were a response to the restaurant manager’s racism, the manager claimed that the “Birthday Sex” performer and his friends were harassing one his waitresses. The Billings Police Department eventually issued a warrant for Jeremih’s arrest.



Tries to Sneak Onto an Airplane and Gets Arrested



Rules in airports are understandably very strict when it comes to just about everything that involves boarding and exiting a plane. Considering everything that goes into making their trips safe and therefore making passengers feel secure – extensive security inspections, air-tight regulations, detailed instructions from flight attendants – that makes a ton sense. It doesn’t appear that Jeremih was thinking about why any those rules exist when he attempted to sneak his way onto a plane back in December 2014. After arriving late for his U.S. Airways Flight 653 at Newark airport, the Late Nights artist had one his associates try to open the plane’s secondary jetway door in order to let Jeremih aboard after the cabin had already been closed. The singer and his two friends were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.




Arrested for DUI



Jeremih didn’t have the best 28th birthday. On July 15, 2015, the singer was arrested in Cali for DUI. He was released on a $15,000 bail. While he was able to put the incident behind him, he couldn’t have been too happy.



Throws His Mic to the Ground and Cancels Remainder Performance



For the public, the first sign serious trouble on the Summer’s Over tour with PartyNextDoor came when Jeremih hurled his microphone to the ground and called out some unnamed folks during his set in Chicago. Shortly afterward, the “Don’t Tell Em'” singer alleged that “they” were trying to hold him back during his performances. A few days after that, we learned who “they” are: probably PND and his entourage.



Accused Sending an Impostor to Perform for Him



At a Summer’s Over tour stop in Houston, Jeremih was accused by fans sending an impostor to perform his set. The alleged impostor wore a hoodie and remained in constant motion, so we may never know whether or not Jeremih made it to the stage that day. If the allegations are true, the Chi-town singer might have just broken new ground in the world shamelessness. A look at a recent Instagram post proves he may just be owning up to his actions.



Disses PartyNextDoor During His Own Tour



Dissing fellow entertainers while in concert is nothing new in the world hip-hop, but dissing someone you’re opening up for is something you don’t hear happening too ten. Jeremih seemingly broke new ground last week when he called his tour mate PartyNextDoor and accompanying entourage “bitch ass niggas.” Jeremih also accused Party failing to sing his songs during his concerts. You can peep the brazen diatribe for yourself below. Plus see his accusations pepper spray being put into the air while he performed.



Gets Removed From Summer’s Over Tour



After multiple incidents during the Summer’s Over tour, Jeremih was ficially removed from the trek. Live Nation released a statement regarding the matter.

“Live Nation’s top priority is helping artists and performers create great shows for their fans. With this in mind, we’ve decided it’s best for the Summer’s Over Tour to continue without Jeremih, effective immediately,” the statement reads. “After multiple incidents we are left with no other choice. We do not support these actions or take these actions lightly. Ticketholders may request a full refund at point purchase, which will forfeit access to the entire show. No partial refunds will be issued.”


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