Jack Thriller & 40 Glocc To Fight For $1 Million, Thriller Releases Statement

Jack Thriller and 40 Glocc are scheduled to box each other for $1,000,000 in the new Hip Hop Celebrity Fight League, states a press release issued today (April 20). Promotor Damon Feldman says that a European investor will fund the match.

Initially, the event was intended to feature 40 Glocc against rival, the Game. Game decided against the match, which prompted comedian and ThisIs50 host, Jack Thriller to step into the ring. Feldman confirms that both men have signed on for the fight.

“It’s million fucking dollars on the line,” Jack Thriller tells HipHopDX in an exclusive statement. “I’ll fight Jesus and Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather at the same GOTDAMN time, so I’mma fuck 40 Glocc up. His momma better get ready to buy that black dress because IF HE DIES… HE FUCKING DIES!!!!! I’m not fucking around with this mark ass snitch ass nigga. I’m training hard taking it serious. And on a whole other note lets not forget this the first time in Hip Hop history two people from the Hip Hop world will get in the ring and mix it up for real. After Mayweather’s fight this is the next biggest fight and I will be the victor.”

According to press release, the New Hip Hop Celebrity Fight League is an event where “Hip Hop artists with grudges or disputes or want to get their name out in spotlight, step in the ring in three matches. No experience is needed for these events just the will to be FAMOUS.”

The event will take place on Saturday, July 25 in Atlantic City, NJ. Artists interested in fighting on the undercard, email thepromoterx@gmail.com

For more on Game, watch the DX Daily below:

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