Mac Miller Leaves Behind Fortune To Parents, Brother Named As Trustee

Source: Jessica Alexander/Future Image/ / WENN

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The passing of Mac Miller is an instant in time fans and his peers are processing, together with questions about the way the youthful Pittsburgh rapper passed unanswered. It has come forth Miller did have a will set up and shows that his parents will probably find the biggest share of his luck.

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According into a probate filed to the courtroom, Mac Miller set up a confidence 2013 and implemented a will in the moment. He termed his parents as trustees, together with a lawyer called David Byrnes to function as secretary of their estate. It says he has no partner and no kids.

There may be other folks named under the overdue 26-year-old's confidence as grandparents, but it seems his parents are getting the lions share.

If that the attorney can not meet his duties, he called his brother, Miller McCormick as secretary. His brother can be called a trustee in his or her trust.

The amount of Miller’s resources isn't known.