Only The Most Die-Hard Fans Can Attend Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring World 2

Chicago, IL – Chance The Rapper further established himself as an independent phenom when he sold out Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field last year for his Magnificent Coloring Day festival.

He’s gearing up for another epic event with Magnificent Coloring World 2, which he announced on Twitter yesterday (April 6). The event is set to take place tomorrow (April 8) at a secret location. Chano said that only die-hard fans — “folks who know all the words” — will be invited.

SoundCloud helped the 23-year-old MC make the call as it sent emails to those who were determined to be in the top 0.001 percent Chance’s listening audience, which is made up 1.48 million followers.

Fans have embraced Chance as a hometown hero not only because his music, but also for his contributions to the community, including a $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools. In fact, there’s a campaign for Chano to run for mayor in 2019.