Parents Slam Tyga & Keke Palmer For Filming #ForTheDChallenge At School

Like most social media-fueled challenges, the #ForTheDChallenge was gone just as quickly as it arrived. But it’s come back to haunt a couple participants thanks to the location they chose to record their raunchy bars.

Tyga and actress Keke Palmer have been met with heavy criticism from parents at Atlanta’s Douglas County High School, where they filmed their #ForTheDChallenge video. The two both star on MTV’s Scream, and were on set at the school filming for the television show when they put together their lyrical contributions.

“Go MTV for that pussy/ Fuckin’ mask f, Scream for that pussy,” Tyga raps, as a group students lingers in the background.

After being made aware the video, which was uploaded roughly a month ago, parents expressed their shock to Channel 2 Action News.

“Extremely vulgar…That’s not what my taxes pay for,” one woman said.

At its peak, celebrities including Cardi B and Erykah Badu took part in the #ForTheDChallenge.