Post Malone Jokes About Calling His Debut "Album Of The Year"

Post Malone teases that his debut album is almost finished, and possibly titled “Album of the Year.”

Post Malone created some immense buzz off the back of one record, although his catalogue of (released) songs remains thin, at just three or four. It seems like a very careful, well-thought out strategy, one that has earned “industry plant” speculations, simply because Post came seemingly out of nowhere.

Nonetheless, despite one or two controversies, Post’s fanbase isn’t dying down any time soon. A lot of people are excited for his debut album, which he took to twitter to tease fans about last night, stirring up some more controversy in the process. First, he told fans he was finishing up the album, with a photo of his current view. He then added that his album would be called “Album of the Year,” but, because internet, people seemed unsure if it was a joke or for real.

After a bit of backlash, Post spoke up saying, “everyone just shhhh. it wasn’t serious.” 

Are you excited for Post’s debut?

finishing up the album.

— me (@PostMalone) November 30, 2015

my album is called “Album of the Year”

— me (@PostMalone) December 1, 2015

Reminds me of when Iggy called her album “The New Classic” and look where that got her.

— Hassan (@Bargathi) December 1, 2015

@simonkowski@Bargathi everyone just shhhh. it wasn’t serious

— me (@PostMalone) December 1, 2015

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