The Game Posts Instagram Video Of Stitches Getting Knocked Out

The Game's manager Wack 100 allegedly delivered the blow.

Florida rapper Stitches has gone to great lengths to draw attention to himself, claiming he slept with Kylie Jenner in a Tyga diss track and doctoring images to make it appear that he had an Instagram beef with The Game (which promptly turned into an actual Instagram beef with The Game. Last night, The Game's crew appeared to serve Stitches a hefty dose of good ol' fashioned street justice.

The video depicts Stitches walking up to an unidentified man, who hits Stitches with a devastating blow to the head. According to the Instagram user @iiamseann, who captured and posted the footage, the man who delivered the punch was none other than The Game's manager Wack 100. The Game gleefully reposted the video to his own Instagram. Among the several hashtags he appended to the video was #Waited2HoursInTheRainToGetSlept.

Game lives for this sort of thing. A few years ago, he famously beat up G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc, had his homeboy film it, and posted the footage to YouTube.

Watch the Stitches knock out video below.