Top 10 NBA Vines Of The Week

Some bad news this week, the Top-10 NBA vine compilation will not feature any contributions from Kristaps Porzingis. 

Some good news this week, we saw plenty of Stephen Curry.

You already knew they were coming, so we’ll kick it off with the obligatory Chef Curry vines of the week, both of which took place last night at The Oracle.

Chef Curry’s recipe for success- 3 dribbles. 1 between the legs, 1 behind the back and another behind the back with a pinch of spice. Topped off with a tear drop glaze:

Not only is he crossing up point guards and throwing Globetrotter-esque alley-oops on a nightly basis, but he’s also out-muscling centers now. We’ve created a monster:

Remember Marcelo Huertas? The Lakers’ 32-year old Brazilian rookie? The guy who got destroyed by Tyler Johnson last week? Well, he’s back and he’s up to his old tricks! Really making a name for himself in the league:

Hey, check out the Sixers’ JaKarr Sampson doing the stanky leg on defense!

Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams celebrated his 40th birthday this week and Ricky ‘Blanco Chocolate’ Rubio celebrated with this smooth behind the back dish in traffic:

Game. Blouses. [Yes, this was only to send the game into OT but Houston actually won so it applies]


Hey honey, quick take a picture I’m about to hit a game win-AGHHH I’M DEAD!

Time for some dunks. 

First, Kawhi Leonard providing the entire Plumlee family with a year’s worth of nightmares. “White Men Can’t Jump,” ever heard of it, Mason?

Second, the dunk of the year so far, courtesy of DeMar DeRozan. On the bright side, Rudy Gobert didn’t die on impact.

Great win tonight. Way to grind and get stops down the stretch. Except one…😂 #thatboyusedthatcallofdutydoublejump

— Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) November 19, 2015


Crazy Stat of Day: Dion Waiters has missed more layups (14) than he’s made this season (13).

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 19, 2015

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