Twitter Went Crazy After DMX Asked For "Trap Beats"

In the grand scheme things, there are very few rappers who could make Hip Hop music with the same energy and aggression as DMX.

X’s style is close to being unique in the mainstream, so when Twitter got wind that the New York icon was “Looking for trap beats,” they were not ready to accept this change in direction.

DMX had taken to Twitter to post the request, and judging by the level backlash he received, you might think he had asked somebody to give him their pet dog to throw f a building.

But it seems as though there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. DMX’s tweet specifically says “Trap beats for my dog @1shotdealz.”

A quick scan 1 Shot Dealz’s Twitter reveals that he considers himself to be “ya favorite rapper’s trap nigga,” and further Googling brings up some his music on SoundCloud. His Twitter bio also identifies him as part the Ryderz crew.

Taking all this into account, it seems pretty plausible that DMX was, in fact, using his own huge Twitter following to help find “trap” beats for his friend, who only has about 1,000 Twitter followers.

We like to think that this “look before you leap situation” will stop Twitter users from reacting so harshly in future, but somehow we doubt it.