30 of 50 Cent’s Best Moments on TV

30  50 Cent's Best Moments on TV
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While he first became a household name by honing his talents as a rapper, a strong case can be made that 50 Cent was born to be an entertainer first and foremost.

In fact, he’s been a mainstay in the entertainment industry largely due to his eccentric, louder-than-life personality, something that has since led him to the latest development his career: landing a new gig on BET hosting his own late night variety show, 50 Central, as well as securing two new TV shows, The Oath and RPN, as a producer.

In addition to being no stranger to the art the late-night talk show, having made countless appearances while promoting his music, 50 has been dipping his toes into the television business from a variety angles for awhile now, including executive producing the hit show Power, which airs on Starz and makes its highly anticipated return to the silver screen on June 25.

While he found himself an easy target for jokes last year, such as for flaunting his wealth recklessly on Instagram while going through an onslaught legal headaches surrounding his 2016 bankruptcy case, this next chapter his career is a testament to the importance weathering the storm and keeping your eyes focused on the bigger picture. In fact, such a philosophical stance stems back to the very title his unreleased 2000 debut album, Power the Dollar, something that he has since spent near the last two decades witnessing and experiencing with firsthand.

Now that 50 Cent is well on his way to solidifying his legacy as a powerhouse TV executive, making deal after deal quicker than DJ Khaled can shout “another one,” it’s safe to say he’s about to get quite comfortable in the armchair his choosing while hosting 50 Central.

To help celebrate the veteran rapper’s new calling, take a look at some Fif’s most memorable TV moments below.

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