Floyd Mayweather Commends Snoop Dogg for Staying Relevant for Over 20 Years

Floyd Mayweather Commends Snoop Dogg for Staying Relevant for Over 20 Years

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is taking place tomorrow (Aug. 26) in Las Vegas, and the anticipation is only building as the countdown continues. Snoop Dogg sits down for a thorough interview with The Money Team head for his GSPN network, where they speak on a slew different topics.

Not only do the two discuss McGregor’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to Floyd’s, but the interview also hears Mayweather complimenting Snoop on his lengthy relevancy in the game.

“You got a lot enertainers, who make a lot money, and then they come and go,” Floyd explains to Snoop. “You’re one the few – and I have to commend you on this – you’re one the few that’s been relevant for over 20 something years.”

Floyd also discusses what happens when entertainers don’t manage their business well, and aren’t able to stay relevant, while commending the “Lavender” rap veteran on his ability to stay on top.

You got rappers that…you know what they do? They hot for 36 months, 48 months. Even 5 years, like 6 years. Right? But then they gotta go on that chitlin circuit. That chitlin circuit is overseas. They gotta go overseas or get on somebody else’s undercard. Where with you, you’re like me. Once you became the main event, you stayed the main event, and you stayed the main attraction.”

The boxing champion also talks about how he became one the top businessmen in sports, which includes learning how to obtain his own fortune from some the best in the industry, rather than benefitting f theirs. He also talks about why he got involved in a strip club after his investments in real estate.

Mayweather also confesses that he fought against the legendary Pernell “Sweetpea” Whitaker when he was much younger, with Snoop stating that he is a huge fan his, and believes he is one the more underrated fighters.

Check out the full interview with Snoop and Floyd in the video below.

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