Gucci Mane’s ‘Mr. Davis’ Album Pushed Back

Gucci Mane’s ‘Mr. Davis’ Album Pushed Back
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It looks like we’re all going to have to wait just a little bit longer for the next Gucci Mane album. Recently, it was revealed that his newest project, titled Mr. Davis, has been pushed back to Oct. 13 from its original Sept. 15 release date.

While Gucci hasn’t spoken on why his new album’s been pushed back, it’s clear that he’s a busy guy, and there could be any number reasons. This news arrives shortly after the Atlanta rapper dropped “Curve,” a new single featuring The Weeknd. It pops up just about a week ahead his book, The Autobiography Gucci Mane. 

Now, Mr. Davis is all set to drop just a few days before Gucci’s marriage to Keyshia Ka’oir—which will be the focus a new BET Special—on Oct. 17. Safe to say we know what will be playing at the wedding reception.

With a book, a new album and a wedding on the way, Gucci’s got a lot going for him these days. Roughly a year-and-a-half ago, he was sitting in a prison cell. Now, he’s prospering, and this past spring he even called the time he spent between his release from prison and the release date for his Drop Top Wop album the best year his life.

“This has been the best year my life,” Gucci told Zane Lowe. “It has been a hell an experience, you know. And I just feel like the best way for me to celebrate is to celebrate with my fans that supported me all while I was gone. The fans who supported me the whole year I been back,” he said dropping the project on the anniversary his release from prison.

“You know when you sit down in a prison for three years, it gives you time to think and just reflect on your whole life,” Gucci added. “And I feel like my life had got so out control because everything that I was doing to lead up to it led to that ultimate collapse. So now I feel like when I got in there, I started kinda like making an effort to say ‘hey listen, my life is going in a better direction.’ I started doing the things that I make, that you see now come to fruition.”

Gucci Mane’s album may have been pushed back, but make no mistake: Gucci season is still in full effect. Pre-order Mr. Davis on iTunes and peep the album tracklist.

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