Mogli the Iceburg – You Can’t Hold Me Down

Mogli the Iceburg is a rapper and producer from Middle Tennessee, and part the indie tribe collective, made up nobigdyl., Jarry Manna, and himself. Blending a diverse sonic pallet, with ambient and alternative rock fused with industrial cloud rap, tied together through precision vocal technicality, Mogli seeks to redefine hip-hop with not only his sound, but his message. Both DREVMCVTCHR and synesthesia. were met with critical acclaim, earning Mogli a top position amongst new artists in CHH as he has amassed 1,000,000+ streams since his iTunes debut on March 3rd, 2015.

In addition to streaming success and collaborations with heavyweight artists such as Canon, John Givez, MC Jin, and Gemstones, Mogli has experienced global radio rotation for the hit singles, “Gain the World”, “Holding On”, “Bout It, and “If the Shoe Fits”, as well as reaching pritability on his independently funded releases.

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