The Weeknd Stars in Lana Del Rey’s New ‘Lust for Life’ Video

The Weeknd Stars in Lana Del Rey’s New 'Lust for Life' Video
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Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd take their love adventure and excitement to thrillingly romantic heights in Lana’s new “Lust for Life” video. Seemingly shot through the lens a Super 8 camera, the new visual’s imbued with Lana’s typically nostalgic 1960s aesthetic to match up with a duet that sounds like a throwback.

The track itself finds Lana and Weeknd, who last collaborated on Abel’s Starboy album, crooning on about dancing atop “the H the Hollywood sign” until they “run out breath, gotta dance ’til we die.” Like we said, this track is definitely for the romantic thrill-seekers the world, and the visual matches up.

In the vid, we first see Lana dancing on a stage that could’ve easily been performed on by The Supremes before taking f and climbing her way to the top the Hollywood sign to be with Abel, who’s coming f being nominated for a few Billboard Music Awards.

“And a lust for life, and a lust for life/And a lust for life, and a lust for life/Keeps us alive, keeps us alive/Keeps us alive, keeps us alive,” the two sing as they embrace on top the world famous sign.

Overall, the entire video works as a pretty dope representation for the whole “never say never, love forever” vibe “Lust for Life,” which might be described as a more sultry, sensual version Jay Z’s “Young Forever.” After all, it’s hard to get more daring—and more romantic—than dancing on top one the world’s most glamorous landmarks.

Peep the new visual for yourself below.

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