Travis Scott Brings Out Smokepurpp to Perform ‘Fingers Blue’ at 2017 Rise Festival

Travis Scott Brings Out Smokepurpp to Perform 'Fingers Blue' at 2017 Rise Festival
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After recently signing Smokepurpp to his Cactus Jack record label, Travis Scott brought out the Florida rapper during his performance at the 2017 Rise Festival.

“And I just know this ’bout to be like the illest nigga this motherfucking generation,” Travis said before bringing out the Deadstar artist to perform their latest collaboration, “Fingers Blue.”

Scott announced the record label earlier this year, and said his goal with the label wasn’t to gain financial control over his music. Instead, the rapper aims at helping new artists. “I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities,” he said. “I want to do for them what happened to me, but better. By better I mean no bullshit. No lying to the artists about album release dates or the budgets videos and albums.”

XXL confirmed Travis’ signing Smokepurpp, posting a video the two discussing the deal during a FaceTime call. “From the first day Todd Moscowitz] signed me, I told him, “Bro, I wanna end up at Cactus Jack,” said Purpp.

Up next for Travis, whose “Butterfly Effect” just went platinum, he’s gearing up for the release his next album, AstroWorld. During a performance in August, the rapper told the crowd he would be slowing down to focus on the record. “I think this might be the last club I’ma do until my album come out and shit,” he said. “I’m about to go away, in hiding for a like a couple weeks, couple months.” We’re also still waiting on word for his project with Quavo.

Check out Travis with Smokepurpp below.

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