Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter Account Deactivated

Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter Account Deactivated
Scott Dudelson, Wire

Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter is no more. The Odd Future founder’s account was deactivated at some point today (April 4). Tyler had 3.7 million followers at the time shutting his Twitter down.

It is not clear why Tyler decided to deactivate his account. A couple Twitter users noticed he’d changed his bio to “high chance i delete this and insta, how are you?” before the account disappeared.

Tyler’s Twitter posts were sometimes inspiring, which is something he’s managed to be for one the biggest artists in the game. In a clip from the Cherry Bomb documentary, Lil Wayne said Tyler emboldened him to become more fearless with his lyrics.

“First all, Tyler changed the game,” Weezy said. “Maybe I probably had a line that I knew I wouldn’t say because people might think it was too gross to put in a rap. Or it didn’t go with the whole vibe the song. But I’d think about how Tyler would] say this shit. He really be spittin, tho.”

Wayne also provided his own motivational words.

“Work hard, be somebody, be something more than what you see in the mirror,” he said. “Let the world be your mirror, don’t let them judge you, cause the mirror can’t judge you. You judge what you see in the mirror.”

You can watch another clip from Tyler’s documentary here. Check out the Q&A from the film’s premiere below.

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