Laura Helm accuses USHER of giving her STD & causing death of twins @MsLashaunTurner

Laura Helm accuses USHER  giving her STD & causing death  twins @MsLashaunTurner

The identity the second female accuser involved in the USHER HERPES/STD lawsuit has been revealed. Laura Michelle Helm has come forward publicly and says her twins were stillborn after she contracted herpes from Usher. ALSO the 3rd alledged victim a MAN claims he had sex with the singer in a spa!

A woman accusing Usher exposing her to herpes says that she contracted the sexually transmitted disease after she and the singer had sex at least twice and she got pregnant with twins which were stillborn and she claims they died because the herpes. Laura Helm Fulton County, Georgia states in court papers filed on Tuesday that she is the 'Jane Doe' who alleged that Usher infected her with a STD.

The man involved in the joint lawsuit claims that he and Usher had oral sex in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles in 2012. The identity the male, John Doe, will “remain private” according to a previous press statement. The man and woman are two three suing Usher for exposing them to herpes. Previously Quantasia Sharpton was the first person to come forward publicly claiming that Usher never told her that he had herpes before the two engaged in sexual conduct two years ago and which she claims to have on VIDEO.


Helm claims that she and Usher were friends for years and that their relationship became sexual in April 2017 after the defendant spent a night with her discussing his ‘humanitarian efforts in Africa, his] concern about the general contamination and impurity water supply sources, his] installation a complete water filtration system in his home to filter contaminants from his drinking and shower/toilet water, his] lack nervousness prior to performances, the state American politics and current events.’

It was after a few hours conversing on these subject matters that the two ‘began engaging in intimate and sexual relations in Helm’s] bedroom.’

This included ‘skin-to-skin contact’ and then ‘vaginal-penile intercourse’ with a condom that Usher had brought with him according to the complaint.

Helm alleges that she performed oral sex on Usher for a while as well without a condom and that ‘afterwards, Usher] immediately grabbed his penis and went into the the bathroom.’

‘Defendant’s actions prevented Helm] from being able to observe Usher’s] ejaculate,’ states the filing.

The pair met again less than two weeks later at a hotel room in New Orleans.

‘When Helm] arrived in Usher’s] hotel room, Usher] greeted her emitting a freshly-showered scent,’ reads the court filing.

‘Helm] and Usher] then conversed for an indeterminate period time, after which Usher] went upstairs to the bathroom and took a(nother) shower.’

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