Model of The Month – Shaun Necole / IG: @shaun_necole

Model  The Month - Shaun Necole / IG: @shaun_necole

Have you ever been nervous before a shoot?

I always get nervous before a shoot. I’m such a perfectionist and I want everything to be right and I over analyze every pose and movement. To the point where I have to block out my thoughts and let the photographer do this thing.

Whats your background?

My nationality is Scandinan and African American.

Model  The Month - Shaun Necole / IG: @shaun_necole

Do you go by your govt name or socialite (entertainment) name and how did it come about?

I actually go by my government name Shaun Necole. My mom had dreams me being a model before I was born and at that time the models coming out had boy names. I hated it growing up but I love my name now and wouldn’t change it.

Main quality you desire in a partner?

Main quality I desire in a partner is loyalty. I feel that if a person is loyal then respect and honesty will follow.

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