Thisis50 Artist Spotlight: Shenica Coleman infuses new album with inspiring message for women

Thisis50 Artist Spotlight: Shenica Coleman infuses new album with inspiring message for women

ATLANTA, GA – Everything about Shenica Coleman’s life is an attempt to inspire and empower other women.

From the moment she was born into a family made up strong, powerful women, Shenica has felt a calling to lead other women to feel confident and self-assured. Though she prefers to empower women from the background – championing others while she shies away from the limelight – she put herself out there a few years ago when she released the book “Ladies Rise Above Your Emotions.” The book was so successful that it has led to regular conferences across the country that she calls “Queenmenship” conferences – and thousands women are traveling from all over the U.S. to hear what she has to say.

“It’s all about valuing women and our potential and the beauty women overall,” Shenica said. “It makes my blood boil when I hear women being referred to with derogatory names, or when we are not properly described by our beauty as women. So I introduced these ideas through various events, and that’s when I started referring to women as queens. It’s born from a lot research into the level functioning we should have, and how we should view ourselves when we embrace the role being a queen.”

As these events have evolved over the years and more and more women travel from all over the country to share in the bond and motivation that comes from their time with other women, Shenica’s voice has continued to gain weight. Her fan-base has expanded, and now her lifetime music is reinforcing her words – both written and spoken – with the release a new album called “Queenmenship (Jewels).”

Much like the rest her work with women, this new 12-song album explores themes inspiring women to feel empowered in their lives. She said that she hopes her music will inspire women to believe that if they will consider changing certain things within themselves, it could inspire change around the world.

Shenica said though she has dedicated much her adult life to writing and speaking, she has also had a passion for making music. She grew up in a musical family – with uncles and grandparents all performing and recording pressionally at one time or another. She remembers being on tour with family members growing up, and being introduced to the business side the music industry at a very young age.

In 2001, she and her husband created Ride With Me Entertainment. Today her new album is being released under the label, and she said she hopes the unique qualities her voice and the diversity her sound will attract an even wider audience.

“What feels natural to me with my sound is something that I’ve discovered is unique and different to other people,” she said. “I know I have a unique sound and approach to how I convey my music. There’s a poetic aspect to it. Each piece within my album is very different and creative. And I believe the content is all very relatable and timely.”

She said her music is ten described as R&B or Soul with twists and turns along the way. And at the end the day she said it’s music that will hopefully inspire a lot people. She said that though much her music is geared toward women’s empowerment, lyrically and instrumentally her music is so good that it will connect with all cultures and genders.

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