Thisis50 Indie Artist Spotlight: New Jersey rapper launches solo career with new album ‘Ceize the World’

Thisis50 Indie Artist Spotlight: New Jersey rapper launches solo career with new album ‘Ceize the World’

NEWARK, NJ – As a man influenced from the underground environment Newark, New Jersey, Ceez is a hip-hop artist who brings a unique approach to the genre, creating vivid word pictures with creative punchlines and a distinct cadence. The way he weaves words around the beat – words thick with meaning and realism – is something so unique that no one else in the industry can compare.

But it’s not just his street knowledge that Ceez brings to the table. He’s also an educated man, having worked his way through a finance and marketing degree, and exploring more “sophisticated” sounds associated with piano chords and epic string arrangements legendary producer K-Def. Add to that his Puerto Rican heritage and it’s easy to see how his sound is truly unique.  

“I don’t sound like nobody else, at all,” he said. “I’m all about the lyrics. There are still people out there spitting lyrics, but their tone or concepts are completely different. I’ve lived extremes – both the worst and the best. I’ve had a lot family pass away, and I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident that most don’t survive, but I’m currently in the best place I’ve ever been. Who would thought? I can do a song that heads from the block can relate to. I can do a song women can relate to. And I can do a song that kids from college can relate to. My music is to the left, right, middle, hard hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, Spanish, Jersey House, Rock Based. Whatever sounds hot is hot, and I can spit over any beat from any genre … just about anything you can think .”

When people hear his music, Ceez said he hopes they’re inspired to be better and strive harder to succeed at whatever it is in their lives they choose to pursue.

“I don’t care what you do, just try to be the best at it,” he said. “Don’t half-a** anything in life. That’s all my music is about. It’s going to take you through some ups and downs, but at the end the day it should motivate you to go get it."

His new album is a testament to that statement. It’s called “Ceize the World,” and it’s his first solo album after releasing his first solo EP “Rollin” in July 2015. He’s been releasing music steadily since he connected with K-Def. The fellow Jersey representative and legend made a name for himself in the late 1990s by producing such hip-hop anthems as “Chief Rocka,” “Funky Child,” and “Real Live Sh*t.”

“The name the album and the whole theme it is really about grasping any opportunity you have,” he said. “Seize your opportunities because you may not get it again. Time is limited, so don’t waste it because you can’t get that time back. People don’t realize how precious that is. My album shows a hard reality that’s also inspirational and full hope, but in a way that’s very life-like. Each track is taken directly from my life. Nothing is made up.”

“The music I’m hearing nowadays is not stuff I typically enjoy, because it is not based in reality half the time. So instead complaining that I'm not feeling what's out, I’d rather put out an alternative what I like hip-hop to be. This is my way showing people that music like this does exist. People do gravitate toward that reality – ‘Reality Rap’ we call it.”

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