Who is TwelveAM?

Who is TwelveAM?

Sean Pereira, also known as TwelveeAM is an Independent R&B Vocalist, Songwriter, Rapper, Engineer and Producer. Born in South Central Los Angeles, California, at a young age, Sean commenced his destiny to pursue a career in music and entertainment. With his drive and determination, he took an interest in all facets the industry, not only in performance, but expanding on the internal business portion, in an effort to further his career and possibly share his knowledge with others in the same pursuit.

In 2004, TwelveeAM moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where his musical abilities began to take form. He got his first major opportunity when his talents were noticed by Dynasty Records and was asked to apply his songwriting skills to a local artist named “J-Sha,” who is now known as “Shaw Monsta,” entitled, “Ex-Boyfriend.” From this opportunity Sean was introduced to Chris Buck, a Virgin Records Recording Artist. Impressed with Sean’s skills and stage performance, Chris recommended that Sean be the lead vocalist for T.U.G. Management R&B Group, “GQ.” Although the group disbanded shortly thereafter, TwelveeAM utilized the experience to grow within himself, using his knowledge to keep pushing harder.

TwelveeAM founded and spearheaded his own record label and production company, “Sexy Soul Productions (SSP).” SSP also began to host parties and sponsored models that became known as “The SSP Models.” He also founded his own promotional company "Trifecta Marketing Group" where he had a team Dj's and models.

As founder and CEO “SSP”,” TwelveeAM opened many doors. Under his direction, he organized and hosted DJ Mizzy Matt Las Vegas’ Hot 97, 1st mixed tape release. In 2010, he opened himself up to giving back to the community by organizing a charity event entitled, “Performing for Poverty,” where people could come and enjoy entertainment by local artists and talent. Fans gained entrance into the event, which was held at The College Southern Nevada (CSN), by bringing donated clothing items for all ages. This event opened the doors for sponsorships from major organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, CSN, and 5280 Paper Planes Clothing Line to name a few. The event was covered by Hot 97 (Las Vegas).

As founder and CEO "Trifecta Marketing Group" TwelveeAM has been active on the entertainment scene and has contributed his promotional expertise in various endeavors. TwelveeAM promoted and hosted the Grand Openings for both “3 Kings Hookah Lounge” and “Hypnotic Lounge.” He helped the nightclub "Myst" kick start Myst Fridays and did many more events at clubs all over Las Vegas.

TwelveeAM gained notoriety in 2011 by releasing his first mixed tape entitled, “No Genre.” The mixed tape was such a success locally and he was beginning to gain broader attention that he followed it with his first full length CD as a recording artist, by writing and co-producing his Freshman CD, “Sex and Love” in 2012. With the release his first CD, he held his first release party at Hookah Palace (Las Vegas), which was hosted by radio personality, Amber Malise and Alex “DJ Lexo” Kopy. In addition, it was covered by Las Vegas’ Power 88 (KCEP). The success his Freshman CD, gained the attention Cyril “Chill” Nelson the Promotion’s Team, the Movement, where he was given the opportunity to perform at the Hard Rock Café’ (Las Vegas), in which it was hosted by Actor Lance Gross and DJ Franzen HOT 97 (Las Vegas).

TwelveeAM’s contribution to the entertainment industry did not just stop with being a recording artist. He ventured into other areas entertainment by being one the founders his own TV Show entitled, “LVX” and the was the founder and Editor in Chief “The Veg Mag,” a local magazine that covered the latest and greatest and the “in the know” Las Vegas.

TwelveeAM has been welcomed to cover many the conferences, conventions, parties, and charitable events. As a result the TV show and magazine, he was privy to be the first to personally interview celebrities such as rap artists, Nelly, Lupe Fiasco, Bow Wow, R&B Vocalist, Ray-J, former Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest, the personalities behind the voices the characters for the Anime series, “Sailor Moon,” Tyler Mane, the actor who played Michael Meyers and the original Sabre Tooth for the “X-Men” movie and a host other celebrities that have graced Las Vegas with their presence.

Fashion has always been the forte TwelveeAM, so in conjunction with his many accomplishments he began his own clothing line, called “Ego Death.” Sean utilized his brilliance mixed with his imagination and applied it to clothing items by adding spikes to various apparel. He allowed the SSP Models to gain exposure by modeling the attire. This trend later on set precedence in the fashion industry.

Throughout the years, TwelveeAM has continued to take center stage in all areas entertainment. He has captured the attention major venues, such as “Foxtails,” that hold residency in the new SLS Casino, because his fan base and the amount supporters that he has the ability to attract with him just being in attendance. Recognizing the success and the volume people that support him and noticing that the volume support continues to increase at the events that he attends, TwelveeAM was motivated to get back on the music scene and recorded a new single with the help grammy nominated producer & gold album selling artist CDK VYBEZ , “Get It Girl,” produced by Jay Buckmouth Beatz, a newly signed producer to Timbaland’s production team called, “Team Timbo,” in which his positive affiliation with “Foxtails” is resulting in its debut release at the club.

When asked why he has love for the entertainment industry, TwelveeAM is quoted as saying, “When I was younger I felt like the outcast and I applied my natural talents to rise above it. I want to be an example to others that may feel trapped in the same mindset. Everyone has a natural talent and no matter what their dreams may be, they too can press through them if they have belief within themselves.”

There is no limit to the accomplishments that TwelveeAM can possess and as a result his drive and determination; he is definitely the man to watch.

When asked why he named himself "TwelveeAM" He's quoted as saying, 12am is my most creative time. Think the guy who becomes a wolf after a full mood. I become a musical beast after 12am. Most the time people are laying down and sleep, everything's quiet and my mind starts to work fast. For me doing music is all about a feeling.