ReadyRockDee – “Flow God” (EP Review)

ReadyRockDee is an MC from Bridgeport, Connecticut most known as a founding member of the group Rowdy City. He just dropped a live album not too long ago & already, here we are with the man’s debut EP.

The EP starts off with “Still I Rise”, where ReadyRockDee talks about how nothing can slow him down over a boom bap beat. “The Chosen One” talks about how he has so many blessings over a rich instrumental while the song “What I Got to Lose” talks about being the truth over a triumphant beat. The penultimate track “What You Reppin’” with Teezy Money sees the 2 showing love to their respective hometowns of NY & CT over an aggressive instrumental whereas the closer “Lit & Dangerous” talks about being just that over an airy beat.

I personally thought this was a dope EP & would love to hear a full-length from ReadyRockDee at some point in the future. His presence on the mic is more ferocious than it’s ever been & the soundscapes on here suit him well.

Score: 7/10

Cxleb Wants To “Leave Me In The Dark”

Inspired by the likes of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, XXXtentacion. Los Angeles recording artist Cxleb drew attention in 2020 with his snappy, dance-ready, trendy sound. And with his Brandon Bill$ collaborated track making waves, Cxleb breaks out on his own with his new song called “Leave Me In The Dark.”

Cxleb’s new single is a creative pop-infused track perfect for the current musical landscape. Radio ready, the refreshing new sound will plant the rising star among the new school pack and solidify him as a one-to-watch.

The new song is slated to appear on Cxleb’s debut project. He is currently hard at work on his debut project, Teenage Wasteland, which will take his listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride and the ability to relate to the project. The new song and project will be available on all DSPs on Cxleb’s own imprint.

“Leave Me In The Dark” is set to establish a foundation of hits to come by the rising star that new fans will remember as their first. “I want kids to hear my music and be taken on a euphoric journey. When they listen to it I want them to reminisce and relate to an experience they may have had in common,” Cxleb says.

After the listen, continue to follow Cxleb and his journey on Instagram.

Stream “Leave Me In The Dark” now.

Introducing Yung Flexx & ‘Only Time Can Tell’

Yung Flexx, a fast-rising Florida rapper, has ascended to stardom in 2020 with runaway hits “Mood,” “Saucy” and “Fat Pocket Friday.” After becoming a viral sensation, he capitalizes on the popularity with the release of his anticipated album and it’s leading visual called “Gwulla.”

In the new video, Yung Flexx embodies D-Bo and Omar as he rolls through the city looking for the haters and opps. On a rampage, Flexx raps about riding around wreaking havoc and being a menace to society. “Gwulla” is the perfect introduction to the new widespread audience outside of the Dirty South, in love with the gritty street sound.

“Gwulla” is the lead off of Yung Flexx’s new project, titled, Only Time Can Tell. The 11-track collection also includes fan-favorites “Pocket Full” and “3k.” The album features Mook Boy and ZG Ammo. It’s Flexx’s debut album.

Both “Gwulla” and Yung Flexx’s new album, Only Time Can Tell, streaming now on all DSPs via own imprint. After the stream, find out everything Yung Flexx on Instagram.

Watch “Gwulla” now.

After RainWater, Jonah Melvon Shines “Sunday Mornings”

Jonah Melvon is amazing.

Last September, he generated popularity with his buzzworthy project, RainWater Project. Keeping up with widespread attention, Melvon unveils his latest effort in the new song, titled, “Sunday Mornings.” The second single release this year, following “Expiration Date,” Melvon delivers a rejoiceful tune based on the joy that comes in the morning.

Taking from his childhood in the church, “Sunday Mornings” is a song recalls Melvon’s days of worship and praise. “This would be hard to account for, however I know the feelings I associate with Sunday mornings; everything from introspective, the ability to be able to relax and connect with family, good food and good coffee,” he remembers.

Melvon continues, “Though now that I think about this question a little more, I remember every Sunday we would go to my Aunt Joyce house after church. All of my extended family would be there, and we are not talking about a small group of people. It was loud all the time, people would break out in song, there were kids everywhere riding bikes in the neighborhood, dancing in the living room, and playing video games upstairs. My Uncles and Aunties would compete with who made the best disk. These times really made our family extremely close.”

Both “Sunday Mornings” and “Expiration Date” is available now on all DSPs via Left University. Find out more on Jonah Melvon today via Instagram.

Watch “Sunday Mornings” now.

Coffee Black and Ice Karim – “The Current Situation” EP

Hailing from Northern Virginia, rising Hip Hop artists Coffee Black and Ice Karim release their new 5-track EP titled  “The Current Situation“.  Without using any profanity or making any drug references, the project serves as a great getaway from the stressful world in which we are living. With groovy basslines, clever wordplay, and catchy hooks, Black and Karim deliver 18 minutes of good vibrations.  Follow them on Instagram @coffeeblackraps @icekarimraps.

(həd) p.e. – “Class of 2020” (Album Review)

(həd) p.e. is a g-punk outfit from Huntington Beach, California masterminded by Jahred Gomes. From their first 2 albums under Jive to their first stint on Suburban Noize in the mid-2000s, these guys have truly been making a name for themselves for over 25 years whether that be their eclectic sound or the more political lyrics on their most recent output. They returned to Subnoize last year for their 11th album Stampede & to mark the 20th anniversary of their sophomore effort Broke this weekend, Jahred & company are celebrating with a sequel.

The album kicks off with “First Blood”, where Jahred angrily talks about how we’re all living in sin over some head-banging instrumentation. The next song “Watch It Burn” gets confrontational over some popping drums alongside a chugging guitar lead while the track “No Days Off” screams about putting his life on the line everyday & the soundscapes on here are electrifying. The song “Death Awaits” is sure to get the pits going whenever we can have live shows again from while the track “Last Call” is an enjoyable reggae/rock fusion.

The song “Ole Time Sake” is kind of a throwback to 80’s metal as the lyrics talk about being young at heart while the track “Greedy Girl” is a slow, melodic ballad expressing Jahred‘s affection for the titular character. The song “Nothing Lasts 4Ever (The Ballad of C19)” is an optimistic response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while the penultimate track “We the People” gets on the political side of things & the hellish instrumentation are absolutely perfect. The closer “Overdue” has a depressive & confessional tone to it that I really enjoy, but the hook is a bit too robotic for me personally.

Even though the quartet seems to be self-aware that Stampede didn’t resonate with hardcore fans due to it’s heavy usage of auto-tune, this is a great return to form for them. Jahred Gomes’ vocals are still remarkably commanding & the sound on here is a refreshing callback to (həd) p.e.’s early work.

Score: 8/10