Bronx’s Selfmade Kev Shares Personal New Single In “Still Pour”

Selfmade Kev is ready to interject his name among the rest of the superstars in the current New School of New York Hip Hop. First introduced to the Bronx recording artist in 2019 with debut Find A Way, it was his buzzing 2020 single, “Ways to Your Heart” becoming a most-requested Summer hit which transformed the new artist into a breakout star. Today, seizing the moment, Selfmade Kev praises the unwavering support of his day-one fans in the 2020 closer, “Still Pour.”

Similar to his previous release, Kev’s “Still Pour” reveals an undeniable attraction that has been lying dormant, waiting for the perfect opportunity to arise. The song is a behind-the-scenes look into Selfmade Kev’s journey til’ this point. Addressing the trials and tribulations, the pain and suffering, the loss of childhood friends and loved ones, Kev unveils it all in this vulnerable moment. While storytelling, Kev praises respect to those who never left his side, his family. In the record, Kev describes how loyalty to his brothers and friends through poverty surpasses riches. It’s easily Selfmade Kev’s best work yet. The perfect lead to his 2021 album, currently untitled.

Speaking with the press about the song, Selfmade Kev divulges the complete recording process. “The motivation behind this song was still feeling the need to work harder and to never be complacent with where I am in my life. I’ve been through many lows and I know how the bottom feels so even just a little success isn’t enough for me. With all the weight on my shoulder, I still feel stressed and overwhelmed so I do still pour.”

“Still Pour” is out now via Underrated Management. Stream it here.

DotCalm – “Book of Jones” (Album)

Out of Columbus, OH rising underground Hip Hop artist DotCalm releases his new album titled “Book of Jones” produced by GRMMFACE & SoufLinden.

Mark Ant – “9th Street” (Video)

Out of Flint, Michigan rising Hip Hop artist Mark Ant is back with his new hard-hitting music video titled “9th Street“.  This single is the follow up to his latest EP “Don Talk”, which was released on August 10th 2020.  His visual highlights the corner of 9th St. and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Dirty Harry Bursts In With Two Tracks “Sleepless Nights” And “Blue Face” With Smoking Visuals

The old and the new, the bold and the brilliant, the beats and the drops, Dirty Harry hits us up with two tracks, “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face,” which are two extremely creative mediums to share his stories and experiences while exposing his skills as a wordsmith and a flawless performer.

His passion for music began when he noticed how easy rhyming was for him. That instant realization paired with the drive and passion led to the creation of Dirty Harry.

He wants the world to know his music is made for the streets, for the everyday worker, who praise God in their life for all they have and do not have. 

His style and vigor are a reminiscence of the times of Master P, Tupac, and Dr.Dre, he holds a unique place in the arena of Hip-Hop artists with his new tracks “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face”. We are all very eager to see what is to come next from a man who has a lot to give.

Meet Knasty, The Buzzing New Artist with “Obnoxious”

Since the release of his buzzing 2019 project, Amateur Rockstar 2, Knasty evolved from unknown novice to popular new star. And with a slick tongue, impressive lyricism and exciting presence, the rising star unleashes his second song of 2020 in the new single, “Obnoxious.” Like the song title, Knasty displays his vast creativity with a must-hear collective of vulgar verses about being an asshole.

Produced by DJ Kronic, Knasty is unruly, impulsive and rowdy in the new solo visual. Directed by Krispy Production, we see a Cadillac driving act go bananas for his fans. If you’ve never heard of Knasty before, today is the perfect time to discover the future music star.

“Obnoxious” builds up anticipation for his promised full-length album, arriving 2021. The new song is available on packhouse records. For more Knasty, follow him on Instagram.

Stream “Obnoxious” now.

Watch it now.