LOMIJOH Empowers Femininity On New Release “Lil Bossy”

 LOMIJOH is one of the rising stars in urban music, as she debuted her journey in full force with the drop of her first single, “Don’t Let It Go,” and recently released a new track “Lil Bossy”. Empowering femininity with a distinctive grace, she is rapidly becoming a big name in music, so make sure to stream her debut singles to witness the magic she is able to create simply by using her voice. 

XP the Marxman & SlideBeatz – “Sincere Leader, Pt. 2” (Album Review)

This is the brand new album from Los Angeles emcee XP the Marxman. Coming up as 1/3 of the trio Rhyme Addicts, he would eventually branch out for a solo career & has released a handful of projects since with the most recent one being Keep Firing entirely produced by Roc Marciano. But to it keep the wave going, XP is now teaming up with SlideBeatz for Sincere Leader 2.

Things kick off with “Sink or Swim”, where XP pretty much talks about the titular idiom over a slick boom bap beat. The next track “Casa Malca” fittingly talks about how he feels like Pablo Escobar over a lounging instrumental while the song “Riviera Chum” is about staying true to himself on top of a violin loop. The track “Santana’s Cubavera” speaks on wanting to live a peaceful life over an electric guitar lead while the song “Toys for Tots” talks about staying on top over a ghoulish beat.

The track “Bruja” vividly paints a picture of this woman over a bleak instrumental while the song “Bullet Train” with Ren Thomas & Supreme Cerebral sees the 3 talking about wanting their flowers while they’re still alive over an angelic boom bap beat. The track “Evolution” looks back at his past over a gorgeous soul sample while “Wu-Babies” is easily one of the best songs XP has ever made as it’s filled with incredible wordplay revolving around the almighty Wu-Tang Clan. The penultimate track “Already” with Daniel Son sees the 2 talking about fam switching over a boom bap/rock fusion & then the album finishes with “Final Hour”, where XP & Thrash Thorn get on the conscious tip over a spacious beat.

This dude’s been a roll throughout 2020 & Sincere Leader 2 is definitely no exception. XP the Marxman’s lyricism has only gotten better with time & SlideBeatz’ production is just as much of a good fit as the first Sincere Leader.

Score: 7/10

Benjamin Elia$ – “On The Way” (Album Review)

Israel Based artist Benjamin Elia$ releases a conceptual album titled “On The Way“. At 1st impact the art work was amazing Caught my self trying to piece together the randomness before actually digesting the full tape. The fun loving vibe gave me a 90s feel with a touch of pop with similar sounds to artist like Asher Roth and vinalla Ice. The album begins with “On The way” with started so magical thanks to the vocalist who created a smooth vibe creating a vibrant evolving energy. As the song  ends we find Benjamin Elia$ late for his date with his significant other who leaves a message saying she’s leaving. The album continues with “Lo Siento” which turned out to a banging production but the lyrics was more so dry picking up as the verse continues.

“The Message” Feat Anna Moore gives me a cali Beverly Hills vibe. The production and mix seem to be well done along with song arrangement. I for-sure can see the possibility of this record being places in film & tv. As the album continues we find “Flowers” Feat Jenny Penkin which was magical especially the hook but I would recommend switching up flow of verses to make listener fall deeper into what is being said conceptually.

“Remedy” Feat Tony G started with an EM Vibe with dark overtones that turn into a airy melodic vibe when Tony G inserts his viewpoint sounding like a mixture of Andre 3000 & J Cole blanceing the various artistic flavors. The bridge and hook are old school jam material with jazz infusion what combination. “Mac” was probably my favorite song on the album because of its truth I dislike the flow of the verses because it reminds me of the rest of the album. The Hooks on this album is what makes it a worthy listening taking it past a lot of the noise in the mainstream and the underground.

Another standout track was “The End”feat Maya explaining love affairs that amplifys passion, I especially like the back and forth by the 2 artist showing a dynamic side but as the album comes to a end the highlights outweigh the cons as this was an easy listen I can easily see succeeding in the right markets.  Follow him on Instagram @benjamineliasmusic.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Hooks, Arrangment

Dislikes: Complacency