Introducing President Davo with “My Town” Video

Young, fly and flashy. The 25-year-old Maryland rapper known as President Davo is one of today’s Hip Hop’s hottest new acts. In the half a decade, the rising artist developed an undeniable presence throughout the DMV underground with expensive lyrics, high energy charisma and certified street appeal. Ready to take his act nationwide, Davo unveils his most exciting effort yet in the new video, “My Town.”

In the new visual, President Davo shows us his exotic car collection as he rips and runs throughout the streets with his crew in every new foreign you can think of. A perfect display of the new artist’s magnetic look resonating into newfound mainstream popularity. The new song kickstarts Davo’s new campaign with a forthcoming release come late-2020.

“My Town” is the follow-up to Davo’s latest project, One. Featuring Dro and King Los, the six-song EP includes breakout hits “Average” and “Smoke Remix.” And with the EP riding a wave right now, President Davo has garnered over 13k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Get ready for President Davo’s next full-length feature, take a look at “My Town” below. President Davo’s latest EP, One, is available now on all DSPs via Da Mobb/AE Brand. Find out more on President Davo today on Instagram.

Watch now.

Realio Sparkzwell – “Honor My Plate” (Video + Vinyl/CD Launch)

New York emcee Realio Sparkzwell brings a dose of cinematic flair to his Mafioso rap sound with “Honor My Plate,” the stylish new video/single off his latest project, Bloody Luciano”. The video is directed by longtime collaborator Trigg The Ruler, who put the focus on Sparkzwell and his crew as they make their way through Syracuse’s Little Italy. The track stems from Sparkzwell’s well received Bloody Luciano album, which dropped digitally this past August and is available now on vinyl and CD formats via Cocareef Records. Through their website you can purchase vinyl and CD (both w/ Obi strip for $50, limited to 50 copies) and CD-only (no Obi strip for $20, limited to 100 copies). And on Bandcamp, it’s available in four configurations: CD (no Obi strip for $20, 100 copies), CD (w/ Obi strip for $25, 50 copies), Vinyl and CD (no Obi strip for $50, 100 copies), and Vinyl and CD (w/ Obi strip for $50, 50 copies).Check out the visuals and go support the physical launch for Bloody Luciano, which is also available for stream and download through all major digital retailers via BMI 19G7 PUBLISHING CO.

FastCash Jizzle Drops Standout “Racks” Video

In 2020, the refreshing new southern sound and superproducer Tay Keith-consignment of the emerging new group, FastCash Boyz, made them one of the hottest new factions in today’s Hip Hop. While a force to be reckoned with collectively, as the year comes to a close, the group displays solo popularity among group members like the standout individual, FastCash Jizzle. Been building his own limelight for a couple of months now, Jizzle delivers his best work yet in the new single, titled, “Racks.”

Pulling up in the roaring Hellcat, directed by Jolo. Jizzle raps about stacking up blue faces and living the lavish lifestyle of a hood star. A natural presence in front of the camera, Jizzle drip and bars excel to new heights gradually before our eyes. Turning doubters into believers, Jizzle shows us that man make the money, money doesn’t make the man.

The song is magnetic, he explains with the following statement: “I was just sitting in the studio with Ace C and Denaro (the producers of the song) in Atlanta and the first beat they played I started mumbling the chorus. It came so natural to me and of course I had Racks in a Fanny pack.”

“Racks” follows Jizzle’s previously released videos, “Cash Flow” and “Mixed Motions.” All set to appear on Jizzle’s upcoming debut, slated for late-2020/early-2021 release. Until then, continue to follow Fastcash Jizzle daily on Instagram.

“Racks” is streaming on all DSPs via FastCash Entertainment.

Take a look at Fastcash Jizzle breakout moment below.

Marie – “Syllables of Life” (EP Review)

Maryland MC Marie has dropped her new EP “Syllables of Life.”  This project is more on the melodic side paired with 808 influenced beats for a more modern sound, that is not to say it lacks lyricism and emotional depth. Marie bares her soul on this project and was able to touch on her life experiences along with sharing lessons learned along the way. The daughter of a teenage mother and absent father, she shares her journey to knowledge of self on songs like “Self Discovery” while sharing her rough upbringing. With songs expressing her harsh realities such as “Friend or Foe” and “A Father’s Love” she also shares a hopeful glimpse into the joys of life with “Takeover.” There’s a lot of auto-tune on this project, whereas on “Takeover” we find her laying down bars over a smooth, synthesized beat without it.

You can tell that Marie is still finely tuning her craft and delivery, however her pen is sharp and the potential is there. I am absolutely looking forward to her progression in this rap game and what she brings to the table down the road.  Follow her on Instagram @iammarie_2020.

I give this project a 6/10.

CashTalk Shares “Live Forever” Music Video

Atlanta, we got another one.

Introducing CashTalk, a Southwest Atlanta rapper with a natural larger-than-life presence and very aggressive raps, he has been intoxicating the new Hip Hop mecca with the magnetic new project, naturally-titled, The Takeover. Now, CashTalk heats up with coming Winter with the buzzworthy new single/video, titled “Live Forever.”

A Diamond Visual video. CashTalk shows us the fruits of his labor as he hops of the plane and heads straight to the hood in the latest designer fit and flyest whip. Living life like a boss, the new sensation rolls around in the back of the Bac maintaining his dangerous street persona with authentic raps. Arguably CashTalk’s best video yet.

“Live Forever” appears on CashTalk’s latest project, Ghetto Children. Idolized as the new voice of the ghetto children, the project features 24Heavy and Lil Keed. Along with the new video, the project includes breakout songs “Snow Fall,” “Malcolm X” and “Church In Da Streets.” Ghetto Children is the seventh full-length release from the rising star.

CashTalk’s latest effort is the perfect origin for any newfound fan. “Live Forever” and CashTalk’s latest Ghetto Children is available now on Never Eat Alone Entertainment. Find out more on CashTalk today via Instagram.