Drake throws SERIOUS shade at Jennifer Lopez on new album

More Life is the 22-track record from the Canadian rapper and people assumed there would be a vocal appearance  Lopez.

That’s because around Christmas the pair shared some social media posts together that seemed to imply there was something romantic going on.

He also attended two her Las Vegas residency shows, and she revealed that they worked together, while being interviewed at the Grammys.

“We made a song together and we hung out,” she explained on the Grammy Awards red carpet last month.

“We had a great time. He’s amazing; I have so much love for that boy.”

So where is this song? In a leaked video it showed the two dancing to the song “Get it Together” with both their vocals on the track.

On the album, Drake decided to replace Jennifer’s vocals with those British singer JorJa Smith for some inexplicable reason.

Maybe Drake was annoyed that their romance was so short-lived and she’d moved on to ex-baseball player Alex Rodriguez?

Lopez does make an appearance on the album, though probably not in the way that she had hoped.

“I drunk text JLo, old number, so it bounce back,” the rapper spits on “Free Smoke” and later he samples her 1999 single, “If You Have My Love,” on the track “Teenage Fever.”

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